Monday, June 9, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 44, Marathon Monday and Big Lots

Happy Marathon Monday!!

Well, not really but instead of motivation Monday we can switch it to see, with a motivational quote speaking towards a marathon! Hey it keeps me going 😃

Plus today was kind of uneventful. I woke up late because last night I was so exhausted I set my alarm for 7:00pm instead of am, thank goodness I live close and can get ready super quick.

After work, I wanted to crash but today was a walk or XT day so I hit the street for a 2.35 mile walk, equally 45 minutes! Even at 6:00 at night it is super hot and humid!! 

Some days training really scares me, with how I am fitting in all the time and energy! Does that mean I'm not working hard enough? Am I not running harder or further? I want to be the very best! Believe me days I'm just down right exhausted, but then I think is that normal? Should I be even more tired? Cause right now everything is going really great!

I always overthink haha.

Anyway since this post doesn't have much thought, I figured I would post some finds I found at Big Lots last week! I seriously love that store and try to pop in every other week, I found some really great things. 

So yummy and for 10=3pp or 100 calories! Taste just like chocolate strawberries too.

For a 1.00 I am a kid at heart! Broke them open the other day have to hide the bag haha!

The peanut butter cups are too die for! I think even better than a Reese's and the graham crumble was a impluse because it was 90 cents but I love it!!!! I have been putting it on everything, great with yogurt and ice cream and whipped cream! 

Just because I love them!

I love anything zero calories especially in a soda form! I have tried the root beer one before at Whole Foods but it was expensive, like a 1.50 a can, found these at Big Lots for .33 a can! Score and all sorts of flavors! I will be going back for more.

And I saw it and bought it! Not the best after a run like low fat chocolate milk, since Yoohoo is not really milk, I never knew! But it was tasty and brought back childhood memories haha.

Make sure to check out your local Big Lots, I hope you can find some awesome things like me!!