Sunday, June 15, 2014

Coyote, break up letter and dad's

Well I kicked week 8 of training off with a bang!

Not really, it was humid, felt good, but kind of slow 5 miles downtown!

On my way back I passed this as I was running to my end point.. 

Ummmmm wtf!!!! Let me tell ya, if I see that, I will increase my speed play for sure! Scary stuff! I'm already scared people are going to attack me early in the morning, now this!! 

After my scare and run, I had a sit down with my shoes.. 

Dear Brooks transcend,

We have had many great and memorable moments and miles together! We met 2 days before Valentine's day and it was love at first sight. But after many miles for Gasparilla Distance Amber Challenge, Iron Girl Half Marathon and 2 months of marathon training, it is time for us to go our seperate ways. I am going to have to put you in the closet and break out my others for rotation until after my vacation when I am introduced to someone else. To say it's me and not you, would be a lie, but I'm not getting the support I deserve and need from you anymore. I will remember our miles fondly when I see you in my closet. 

Love always, Ang

Running makes me a little loopy and I played this whole letter to my shoes in my head. And seriously it is like a break up, I wear my shoes every day and now it is time to move on, they seemed great at first but they aren't for me. They hurt a lot from the beginning but I pushed brought which was a bad idea. I'm going to use my old ones for the week, until I get back from vaca and go to Fit2run for new ones!

Also today is Father's Day and it's hard for me. I kissed the air as I ran by where I released my dad but the day just makes me so off. I didn't have closure or a goodbye with my dad so it just plan hurts. I have been out of it all day and it's been a lot and a long week with work, so it is a perfect storm.

I am just tired.  

I was blessed to be raised by an amazing man. He had many demons but I know he loved me unconditionally. I wish I had spent more Father's Days with him but at least I got the ones I did. I miss him always and love him more.

Now I'm resting the rest of the night. I have a couple of more days of work and then family vacation which I am so pumped for.

Oh and training tomorrow will be a bit different and I can't wait to blog about it! 

Happy Father's Day to all the dad's!!