Monday, June 23, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 64: 11 miles in the hills of North Carolina

I apologize but being on vacation this week, will make it really hard for me to post until I am back!

I am having an absolute blast!!! 

We are at my Uncle's lake house on Lake Gaston in NC. It's absolutely beautiful peaceful and amazing here. My family is relaxed and we are just hanging out, going on the boat, getting sun, drinking and telling old stories.

Since I HAD to get a long run this week and it was 11 miles in, today was the day. I set an alarm for 6 am and snoozed for an hour because I really did not want to run, I wanted to just sleep in.

BUT, I got up and headed out. I forgot my watch, which I was so upset about because I had to use my Runtastic, which drains my battery on my phone so bad.

The run was tough!! For many reasons, the hills here were so bad!!! I mean I am not familiar with hills at all, there were uphill and downhill, and very steep. I had to walk a bit more but it was okay. 

I did get my 11 miles but my stupid phone died. So I made sure to run until I got my time in. Even though it was a tough run and my legs hurt after, I am really, really glad I did it. It tested me and tested my strenght and will. Even though I was on vacation and not wanting to so it or in an area I didn't know and not having a route, I got up and went.

Also the view was breath taking and I saw this friend..

I am originally from the country, so I'm used to deer but to see them up close and running was very cool.

Long run is done and now I'm just small runs until I am home.

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday.