Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Happy National Running Day & Journey to 26.2 Day 39

Yup, it is National Running Day!! To be honest I never knew this was a day until last year through Social Media and for having a running blog, love, LOVE running and how running have changed my life, it would be crazy for me not run today, even though as per my plan it is a Walk or XT day.

I decided since today was my day off, instead of the XT day, I would run to celebrate the day. Yesterday I didn't have a great run, my legs were heavy and the 3 miles before work did not do it for me, so today I wanted to make it up. I slept in a bit today, being my day off and I planned to run this evening, but after breakfast, I was anxious and knew I would put it off.

So I got dressed and went around our neighborhood around 11:45, which isn't a great idea with the heat in Florida, but I brought my water with me. I felt great running, I was sweating, it was hot and I was feeling alive. I started feeling really good, so I figured I would do some speed work. Sometimes I feel I am running faster than I really am, so I pushed myself a bit more. Around 2.50 miles, I went full speed and then would stop for a bit and then did it again until the end.

I tried controlling my breathing and getting out of my head, but it felt great. I felt like I would die or my lungs would explode, but what a rush and a feeling. What a nice push I was giving myself. I was ready to be done and have a great big glass of water and get in the AC. Yes, I pushed myself and I lived, funny how that is. And I did 2 minutes better than yesterday..

Running has changed my life and it continues to do so. All those quotes fit every aspect of my life how I view and love running. It is about getting out there and me and the road, my thoughts and music and knowing with each and every step, I am changing my life for the better. I am becoming a much better person. Running changed my life, it is hard to put it into words or feelings. I challenge you, to get out there and find out for yourself, I promise you, you will change and might just fall in love with it, with me.

How are you celebrating National Running Day?

Is today the day, maybe, just maybe you take that single step, maybe just by running down the street and back?!