Sunday, June 1, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 36: Lost In My Own World

This will be short and sweet because it has been such a long day, lots of standing, lots of movement and I am stuffed from the dinner I just indulged in. Yes, indulged, I even shared a dessert!!

Today was planned for 4 miles. I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night, my boyfriend snores horribly, so I had to go on the couch to sleep and before I knew it it was 6:00 am and my alarm was going off for my run. As much as I dragged my feet, I looked at my marathon training and knew I had to get it done, plus it was going to rain tonight and I am not making any excuses.

I went out on my regular routine, but instead of doing a big loop, I figured once I hit 2 miles I would just turn around and go back to get the 4 in, switch it up a bit. Well, I was so much into the groove of my miles before I realized it I had ran 7 streets past the street I was suppose to turn left on. I was so caught up in my run and surrounding area, I missed it completely. I turned down the street laughing at how crazy I can be and my run ended up being 5 miles, which is still just as great. I completed the 5 miles in 58 minutes and then raced to get ready for work, we had a bridal show to work today.

While running my heel did not hurt at all, it did hurt a bit after the run. I rolled it out a bit and then wore shoes with a bit of a heel for the day and it hurt on and off but not too bad. My boss, who also runs and has planters fascists, told me that is what it could be, but gave me some great tips to make it better, since she is in the same boat. Also a friend from Instagram last night, who also suffers from it, gave me some awesome tips on inserts, which I will be seeking out this week for. This is why I love social media at times, people I hardly know becoming friends and giving me great advice, thank you Quiana!!!

After being on my feet all day at a Bridal Show, James and I went to eat at the Mellow Mushroom, which my friend Jacke, raved about. It was delicious and hit the spot. We got a side salad and some pizza, I had only two slices, which is a big win for me, because I can go to town on some pizza. We each had a soft pretzel as an appetizer and split a cookie for dessert. It is all about sharing. Way too many carbs then I probably should have, but once a month, I think I can manage and switch it up, it is not like I eat like this every day for sure.

Now some water and an early bedtime for me. Hope everyone had a nice Sunday and ready to take on this first week of June, I know I am ready to take on a new month!!