Thursday, June 12, 2014

Isn't it funny how it just becomes the norm...

Isn't it funny how you just adjust to some things?

Like after awhile it just becomes the norm and everything before that was just crazy talk.

That's how I felt today with my running. As per the plan, I am suppose to run 30-45 minutes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I have searched and looked at other running plans and they are running 5-8 miles on those days and then a long run on the weekend, which of course I will be doing. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I will run, but I am going to increase my mileage, safely, so I can burn some more calories and fat, build my muscle and help my endurance.

Will every week, I will earn more than that, but there will be weeks, I will run 4 rather than 3 days, like last week. I like the 4 days a week and then two XT days, I feel alive more with that.

I guess I say that now and then we will see when I start hitting higher long runs.

Okay so back to this morning, I wanted to run longer and push myself so I planned for 5 miles. And after sleeping in kind of late considering I had a closing shift tonight, I wasn't sure what I was doing. But I got up and it of course was hot and humid, but seriously, no matter the time, I am going to have that.

I got 5 miles in like it was nothing. I remember when I ran my first ever 5 miles and I cried and looked at my phone and couldn't even believe it. I just kept running and loved it. And then long distance came from there. I mean 5 miles used to mean big mileage to me then and it still does, but now it is just part of the norm. Just part of my every day.

Today, I ran 5 miles and then got ready for work, which might I add I am on my feet every day for. And it was just nothing to me. I would be exhausted before and now, I am like lets do it again tomorrow morning.

While, I wont do 5, but I will run tomorrow rather than XT because my body wants that.

I am loving where my body is taking me and how far it is willing to go.

Continuing on with my Journey to 26.2..Day 47 complete...