Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vacation is over....

Today was my last day in VA.... 

I had to say goodbye to all my family members and especially my uncle and Abby whom I won't see for another whole year.

We had a nice morning... I went for a two mile one as per plan. Staying on plan of course. Then we went to the aquarium for the day. We had a blast! It was a nice last acitivity.

Then we headed to the airport. My Uncles flight was at 5:15 and mine is 6:30 then I have a layover in Atlanta until 11 then home to Florida by 12:30! Long, long day. 

My uncle and cousin and I said our goodbyes..

And a send off beer of course. My Uncle is my heart. He is my Godfather, uncle and one of my very best friends. I love him to death and supports me in everything I do! I am so blessed.

And I had to say goodbye to this beautiful face.. She is getting so big, it hurts my heart.

With tears in my eyes and a little buzz, geez when does one beer do that, I'm such a light weight, I'm now sitting in Starbucks eating..

Chicken cesar salad, a large iced coffee and fruit cup to hold me over until Atlanta.

Reflecting back on my vacation it was perfect. I drank, I ate, I ran, laughed and held memories with my family for a lifetime.

I won't get these days or moments back and I'm so glad I was able to have time from my job to do so. Reality starts back now and back to tracking, plans, schedules and work. I can't wait to get back to James and snuggle.

And believe it or not back to work and life. See, my vacations aren't always about tropical locations, relaxing or going far away, it's about going home and home is wherever my family is...