Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 52: Just Tired

Working 10 days straight, 7-9 hours each day and I don't sit, running like a crazy person AND training for a marathon evey day is exhausting!

I am so ready to be on vacation, so at least I can relax a bit, even if I am still doing my training too. 

My body has been feeling it these past couple of days. My energy is low, my muscles are a bit tired and I'm just beat. It's a satisfying beat, but beat!

Today, I got in 3 miles and it felt great! I did my 4:1's and used my old Brooks shoes I had gotten last year. They made a difference, much lighter, not heavy and I moved a bit faster I think. 

After dripping in wonderful humidity sweat, I had egg whites, coffee, peppers, boca crumbles and some water. Love to refuel that way. Then I had a vitatop!

I have a blog about them soon!

I planned in packing before my closing shift but I needed to lie back down a bit. Like I said I'm tired! After vaca I'm going to my Dr. To look into my thyroid again, I think it has a lot to do with it!

Since I ran this morning, I'm gonna weigh in tomorrow and hope for the best! 

You know even though I am tired, and beat, I'm not sure I would change it at all for the world so far! Silver lining I get to see my family in just a few days!!