Monday, June 16, 2014

Meeting and Running with Jeff Galloway

Okay this is later than normal but I have a very good excuse... 

Yup that is me, meeting Jeff Galloway!!!! 

Total fan girl moment right there.

I saw in Facebook he was going to be doing a meet and run at a local running store called FitNiche in Tampa, tonight at 6:00! I was all in! I knew I was working only until 3 today, so I had plenty of time to go home and change, eat and drink something and even lay down for a bit.

It started raining when I got there so I was nervous we wouldn't be running but there was no lightening. And I walked in the store and there he was, chatting it up with other runners. 

He truly is a very nice man. He didn't turn down a photo, he patted my back and congratulated me when I told him I was using his marathon plan. I wish it brought my book to sign.

I of course had to get a picture, which will now be my Facebook photo haha. I am such a fan and if it wasn't for his run-walk-run method, I would never think I could accomplish all this. 

I asked him questions about how I should handle the hills and if I should go down in 4:1's. He suggested I do 2:30:30's which I will try. He was upbeat and so friendly.

He went over his process and answered any question. We headed out for a run with him. He was doing 15:15, which I have never done before and not a huge fan of it but I mean Jeff Galloway is running, you run with him haha.

It was a nice and easy run and on the turn around, I actually ran side by side with him and he discussed the benefits of the run/walk. He talked about rosemary, it was a scent to him he enjoyed. I asked him about me running one extra day rather than a XT or walk and he said it was fine as long as I took walk breaks when needed.

I was also asked him the best XT for runners and he said running in water, in a pool. I will be trying it for sure. At the end of the run, he congratulated us all for coming out despite the rain. I mean the man was just so nice. 

Here are so selfies I took with Jeff Galloway, yeah we went there..

He was such a cool experience and I am so glad I went. It was free even and something I will never forget. He is very down to earth and expressed how he is all about running injury free. Which I am about.

At the end they had a giveaway for some items, I didn't win but seriously the picture and meeting was enough for me!

I never though during this whole journey I would be able to meet the man who has changed my whole running experience and life! Without him, I would not have been here either.

Probably the best moment thus far of this year. 

While there I also got to meet a blogger, around here I adore!! Her name is Denise and she is awesome! So spunky and nice.

I went right up to her and told her how much I adore her work and her blog. I can't wait to run into her more often.

So Day 51, was pretty epic!!!

And now when I run, I will always remember Jeff saying, "we are running", "we are walking"

Just so darn cool!!