Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday

Oh I like that title!!!

I would like to keep that until I switch it back after Marathon training.

Okay so I am officially on vacation, my flight is actually in 8 hours, which means I will probably only get like 4 hours of sleep.

Thank god for coffee.

I went to WW after work today and weighed in. Because it has been so nerve racking for me every week, I was nervous to see what was going to happen.

I LOST!!!!


And I lost 2.8!!

Thank you Jesus. Hopefully this means my body is playing catch up with all the activity I have been doing. It stinks since I am going on vacation, which always isn't the best time for tracking, but I am going to try my freaking hardest for sure, with making all the very best choices.

And I have my work out and running plan all set up, so I am set up for success. I even packed my Questbars and protein powder, etc, that way when I am snacking or hungry, or don't want to eat what they have, I can still make really good decisions.

The one thing I did differently last week was I stopped eating my activity points, I just ate my extra 49 weeklies. That seemed to really help, maybe I was over indulging last time. There were some days I was hungrier, but I made it through. So I am staying with that, instead of eating my activity points first, I will eat my weeklies. I ate over my 26 points every day using the weeklies and I had a good lost.

Next week I wont be weighing in since I will be on vacation and there isn't a WW around there, so I will skip a week and be back the following Wednesday!

Okay now off to sleep. I will be posting lots about my vacation!!!