Thursday, June 5, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 40: Why I Train, Learn from my Mistakes

A second day off in a row is like an early Christmas or Birthday present!! I normally can never schedule like that but it worked this week and I'm so thankful because it meant today I could sleep in super late and I did just that! In fact, I slept in for 12 hours!! Never have I ever done in a long long time, I woke up feeling very freshed! 

I set my alarm originally for 6:00am and then changed my mind, then again for 8:30 and changed again. My body and mind was screaming sleep, so I let myself do just that until I was ready to wake. Today was a run day, so I was a bit mad that I will have to run in the evening or afternoon. Running in Florida I have realized no matter the time, it will be so smoldering hot anyway, so I figured why not go out at. 12:30 pm, so I could enjoy the rest of the day.

Ummmmm mistake! It was hot! I mean like heavy, heat, small wind, just burning heat!! Plus where I was there was no shade, oh and I saw a set of  stairs, so I did a little stair work and the trail I went on had a bridge, another brilliant idea! I was full of them today! 

I poured water on my face and head at every other walk break and I drank my water each one also. I could feel the heat coming off my body but I knew I had to finish! That's the crazy part of me, I must finish what I start and I did! 

I am okay with that being how it was! 

I refueled for a bit with my Zico water, chocolate one, so good and hit the spot before I had my protein shake...

The weather channel said it was... 

There is no way! It was more like a 100! 

But I figure what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger right??!!

This is the beauty of training! I am finding what works and what doesn't work for me, so I can improve and be better! It is all part of the process and journey!!

Oh and the best part on the way back, a black snake ran across my path, literally right in front of my shoe. I screamed and it shot a pep in my step for sure! I hate snakes!!!