Sunday, June 29, 2014

Journey to 26.2, Week 10 Begins Today, Day 70!!

Week 10 of training began today. Cant believe that it has been 10 weeks, over 2 months of training I have been doing. I actually thought of that exact number the whole time I was running this morning. And I need new shoes too, boy these shoes have some numbers on them and their number is up.

As per training, the long run of today was 5 miles. I was pretty stoked about that, since I did a long run last week of 11 in the NC hills, which killed me. I originally had an idea to get up super early this morning, beat the heat and maybe, just maybe do more than the 5. But then I listened to JG, yes Jeff Galloway and I are short name basis since I met him last week, lol, that follow the plan, the plan works, don't try to be a superhero.

My alarm went off at 5 and I hit that bad boy with vengeance until 8:30. I was exhausted this morning and my bed just felt amazing. I got new pillows and wow it made all the difference, I slept great. So I went out later than planned and it was HOT and HUMID. I mean smack you in the face kind of heat. I ran for my first 2:30 and I was already sweating. Running for just 2 minutes and I am dripping.

I stayed with the 2:30/.30, which by the way is GREAT!! I don't feel beat or burnt out and the fatigue I feel or wall, isn't as bad. I wore my new outfit I got from Old Navy too this morning to make me feel extra pretty on my run.

I love this look A LOT!!! I saw it on display in the store and immediately fell in love. I used my Super Cash to buy it and the even better part, the shirt and pants are a size SMALL!!! SAY WHAT????? I used to be an XL and a size 22. Even though I don't always like how I look, I love how far I have come. Plus this week my cousin and James both said I looked more athletic. Like I looked strong, my legs were toning up. My Uncle said my butt and legs look much smaller and my Poppy said I looked fantastic. I know I have to tone up, but I am working on my marathon and mileage now, then everything will fall into place. 

But putting on that small today, wow what I feeling. The shirt wasn't the best choice for running, it was drenched by the time I was done, but I did look great out there today.

Those 5 miles were tough. The heat took everything out of my body for sure. But while I was running today, hitting a little bit of a wall, a person drove by honking his horn, waving and giving me a thumbs up, yelling, "Way to go" The kindness of strangers is unreal sometimes. That simple act, picked me right up and kept me going. Kindness can move mountains with this training. That little thing, made me finish and finish strong, even though I was dying haha.

After my run, I cleaned up and enjoyed 2 hard boiled eggs and some Greek yogurt. I eat the weirdest combos after a hot and sweaty run.  And through out the day, I am starving too. My metabolism and hunger has come back from the training too lately, which is nice but can also get me into much trouble. But I am making the right choices and really, really trying to get more protein in when I can.

I decided today I was just going to go with the flow with things I wanted to do. I unpacked last night, did the grocery shopping and got some cleaning done, but I didn't want to waste my whole day off doing the cleaning. So I caught up a lot of Social Media stuff I needed to do and then went to the pool with my Nook for an hour. It was just too hot, even when I could go in the pool, an hour of running and one just relaxing, was enough for me in the sun, it knocks me out.

I made an awesome lunch today. Like you can see, I was hungry.

Baked Lays Chips, BBQ-3pp
Everything Bagel Thin- 3pp
Borden Fat Free Cheese-1pp
Tomato and Pickle Slices-0pp
Carrots and Watermelon-0pp
Diet Coke and Nook-0pp :0)

Then I had a Weight Watchers Dark Chocolate Raspberry ice cream bar for 2pp.

I love when I can make good choices on my day off and throw together a great lunch. It was perfect and I think I might be making the same thing for lunch tomorrow while at work.

My belly full and the sun exhaustion, I read for a bit and then took a long nap. I know I was on vacation but I did not nap once, I love naps, so today was a treat. I spent a ton on groceries last night and today I don't want to cook dinner, I woke up from a nap, hungry and tired, weird and not in the mood to be in the kitchen.

Now what can I get James to get us?? 

I am now ready to take on this week, which might be a bit crazy, we have a corporate visit this week, a big one and I need to be on point every day, long hours, early mornings too. Today, was perfect.

Thanks for reading a long with this long post!!

Happy Sunday and new Week.