Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Journey to 26.2: Day 65&66- Last days on the lake

Back in action! 

Well for the most we are having a couple of more hours on the lake then back to Virginia for the night and tomorrow night I fly back to Florida. 

Yesterday we spent the day on the boat all day long. In the sun and water was just what I needed and wanted. I got a great tan from it also. Also yesterday since I did 11 miles, my body was hurting. Not so much because of the miles but because of the hills. Those hills killed me, I felt it in my legs, arms and hips.

I did a 3 mile walk on the same path to shake it out and of course stay on plan. It worked, I felt better. Today, I ran 3.38 miles and again those hills were killer. I'm sure if I lived here, I would get better and stronger with it. I stayed with 2:30/30 and it was great, sometimes on the hills I did 2:1's. 

Either way I took my time and listened. I am really proud of my success with staying on plan while in different areas. I ran the Friday-Saturday and then Monday-today running and walking. No excuses, just did it because I knew if I didn't, I won't get stronger and better.

Today is typically or has been my weigh in day but because I'm away, I won't be. I'm glad because I feel like a balloon, Aunt Flo came to town and between that and being with family, my snacking as been crazy and I can feel it! So today, it's a clean slate, new points and back at it. 

While I LOVE being on vacation, I'm ready to be home, back in my bed, with my routine and my food choices. I did well, but not great, I had wine, beer, margaritas, pizza, grilling food, chips, brownies, oh my! Mixed nuts, regular food, while I ran and worked out, some things will take longer to get going. 

But I enjoyed every bit and sip because it was spent with family and I haven't seen them in close to 2 years. I will work harder, eat right and drink water to get it back to normal!

Hope everyone is having a happy mid week! 

Here is my training while on the lake..