Saturday, June 14, 2014

Journey to 26.2, Week 7 ending

Week 7 is now done.

I got up this morning, which normally Saturday's are my rest day and went to the gym. I got 6 miles in on the bike, 30 minutes and then a quick 5 minutes with weights. Not much, but it is something, I am still doing something. Believe me, I wanted to use today as a second rest day, but I know I cant, I have to keep going. Next week is going to be a little different too because I am starting my vacation and going to see family in another state, I am super excited about that one for sure!!

Now I am taking a couple of minutes before I have to start getting ready for a long day at work. Its the day before Father's Day, which of course will be busy...but I also just had 2 people call off, so I am going to be in overdrive mode today and I just might enjoy a tall glass of wine when I get home tonight.

My emotions have been in check this week, normally I am not all that great this week because I don't have my dad to celebrate with. I mean he would have been 1300 miles away anyway, but I always made sure to call him and well I just cant anymore.

I am going to go and run tomorrow where I spread his ashes, so I can feel him around me. Its hard at work engraving all these dad messages, over and over and putting on a happy face to get through it, when in reality it is a huge slap in the face and I hate it!

But you have to grow up, move on and face reality. But I think I need just a good old cry or something, ever have one of those days. Maybe I will try to find a sappy romance on tonight haha.

Anyway, pushing forward with today and the rest of the week. Hope everyone has a great Saturday.

Week 7 Stats:
Sunday- 9 miles run
Monday- 2.34 mile walk
Tuesday-3.1 mile run
Wednesday- 30 minutes, 6 miles on bike
Thursday- 5.00 miles run
Friday-REST Day
Saturday-6 miles on the bike, 30 minutes

Run:17 miles
XT:12 miles
Walk: 2.34
Total miles: 31.34