Friday, June 20, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 55: 5 Mile Vacation

So even though I am vacation, my training does not stop, I am very strict about that for sure.

I wasn't feeling so great this morning, since yesterday I was up all day long and didn't go to sleep  until 10:45 last night, even though I had been up since 2:00 am. I slept great and got up at 6:45. Everyone was starting to get up, so I sat and got caught up on my social stuff and enjoyed a big cup of coffee.

Probably not the best idea considering I never, ever drink coffee before I run, especially when I planned to run 5 miles. I got dressed and set myself up to go. I am not familiar with the area at all, so I just thought I would run until I hit 2.5 miles and then turn around and head back to my Uncles. The weather is great, very low humidity but a bit hot. Not having humidity was great!!

My stomach was hurting me a bit due to sleep, the coffee and probably because my Uncle loves to drink and I have become his partner in crime. Yeah I will be indulging in some drinks this weekend and week, but hey, vacation is only once in a while, and I hardly ever drink, but my body is not used to it.

I got the my miles in but I decided to change my run-walk-run to 2:30/:30. I did the first 3 miles at my old 4:1 and then changed it and let me say, it made all of a difference. I was having some issues the first bit and then it all fell into place for me. My breathing became better and my pace was feeling comfortable. 

I am glad I got the 5 miles in and felt really good after and my pace was much faster than I thought, which is always a nice surprise.

Now we are spending the rest of the day, relaxing and taking it all in, tomorrow is the wedding and I plan on getting at least 3 miles in before, so I can enjoy a piece of cake later on, of course. 

I am still tracking this week, mindfully, put I am not holding back at all. I want to enjoy these happy occasions and being around my family.

Happy Friday!!