Saturday, April 18, 2015

Color Me Rad 5k 2015: Bigger, Badder & Radder

Today was a colorful, Fun Day!!

My BFF Jen and I won tickets to run the Color Me Rad Tampa 5k race. We ran this race, last year and the year prior. Last year I won tickets and asked her to join me, the same thing happened again. We are lucky and so grateful to participate in this fun race. Normally, the race is in May, this year it was a few weeks earlier, which it really did make a huge difference in temperature wise.

It was a gorgeous day, blue skies and some breeze. With me being still a bit injuired and Jen hasn't ran all that much, we decided to take this race nice and slow. To be honest, it is a not a race you really run, it isn't timed, or is there a medal, it is just about getting together and having a really great time and getting color bombs, gel and spray all over you.

I, started the morning in my typical fashion with a selfie...

Wearing white is always the way to go with this race :0)

Jen and I met at the mall in Tampa and drove together. It is always a great time when you get to see your BFF. We talk to each other every day with work, but hardly get to see each other, so despite everything this was a great way just to get together.

Pre race fun. Color Me Rad was Bigger, Badder and Radder this year.
They had more color bomb areas this year and the pre and after run fun and giveaways were bigger.

VitaCoco had a vendor set up and giving these away. I had the original before and wasn't too happy with it, this one was great, I mean really, good! I will be buying this more often.

Before the color!!!

Huge turn out!

I was in the line of fire, Jen made it out clean the first two colors. They made up for it after 9 other color stations.

We made it through!! We walked the whole race, at a fast pace. It was the best choice for my ankle, since I ran the Iron Girl 5k only a couple of days prior. I wanted to take it nice and easy, so I can cointinue to heal properly, plus I told my PT the same thing hehe.

This really has been a tradition for Jen and I. Each year we have a blast, it is great way for us to meet up and get together with a few thousand other people and do something we don't normally do.

I recommend the Color Me Rad race, its fun, non competitive and a blast of a time.