Friday, May 2, 2014

Day 5: Run and Day 6: Walk

Okay yesterday was a long day for me with having to work an open to close and by the time I got home I was exhausted! I haven't had to work a 12 hour day since Christmas, not a huge fan! But I made sure it didn't mess with my training, unless I am in pain, recovery or sick, I won't miss a day! I got up ran 3 miles, dripping in sweat 
It is getting hot for sure in the morning!! 78 degrees at 7:00am, summer had arrived! With a quick shower, some coffee and make up, I looked normal and ready for work 

I would have posted when I go home but I was beat and just wanted my Chipotle, Grey's and sleep!

This morning I had to be at work early again, so as per training I am to walk or XT. I got out at 430 and it was pouring! I was feeling kind of sleepy so I took a nap! A little late in the day but I couldn't resist, I'm just going with it and listening to my body. I have to remember I have done activity and worked out 6 days a week in forever, so I'm just getting in a rhythm. I know this tired feelin will pass, I really have to look into foods that will give me lots of energy too. 

Because I feel time is limited I am doing my walk for the day and writing this on my phone at the same time! Not the best idea but it works haha!

Happy tomorrow is a rest day and I have to close at work so I can sleep in a bit!

Maybe I'll post a little something different :0)