Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 25: Early Rest Day

I know that with this training plan, I will have to make adjustments each week based on life. Work will make it a little harder, activities, family functions, weddings coming up, and overall how I am feeling. This week is a week I had to make a little changes.

Typically Saturday are a rest day, no running, walking or XT, usually just work. But this Saturday, I won the tickets to the Color Me Rad 5k, so my rest day is not a rest day, it is an extra run day/walk day. It is very hard to make this a full running race because there are 1000's of people, so running a full on 5k is not typical, but it is a great way for extra activity and exercise. AND it is a great amount of fun too.  I am super excited and I get to do it with one of my BFF's.

With that being said, I decided to switch my rest day from Saturday till today. I wanted to make sure I still got a rest day in and I was going to do it Friday but today my mind and body were calling it in. I have to close tonight, so I really didn't want to rush getting ready for work, it has been awhile that I took time before work to just unwind, sit down and eat a good breakfast and catch up on some emails and other blogging stuff. So I did just that today.

What I love about having this training plan is I know I can adjust it to fit my needs. I do not want to fall off this plan at all, but I know with the XT/Walk days I know I can make adjustments as needed. When I get up in mileage, which those days are creeping up soon, insert anxious/excited face, I will be using one more rest day but for now, the one a week is working out just fine. I also woke up this morning with some stomach issues, no need for details, I am sure your mind can figure it out.

While this isn't a true rest day, it is nice to switch it up a bit.

And can we just say, holy heck it is May 21st.

Where is time going??!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!