Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday Fun Finds in May

Disclaimer I am writing this at the gym while I am riding the stationary bike! Yes I like to multi task and it's quite in here so it works for me.

I was going through my phone and noticed I had some items and pictures in here I never posted and shared! I know I'm shocked too, I share everything!

So here are some fun food items, I have tried lately...

Okay this was a little high in points from the box, 8pp but it was quick, easy and on sale, which I love! I know you can make this all on it's own, but I was in a pinch for work and this hit the spot! I added in my own kiwi pieces, which made it extra good! It came with chicken, cranberries, pineapple pieces and sesame twigs for crunch! I love these Lean cuisine additions but I know I can make it less points on my own! 

I got this at Publix! If you don't have a Publix, your missing out! But check your stores brand of yogurt, LOTS of them are carrying greek now and putting their own twist on it! This was delicious and reminded me of Faye brand! I never would think brown sugar and pear but it was tasty!

These rock my face off!! I first tried them in a Runnerbox subscription I had and loved them. Sadly I couldn't find them anywhere, until now! I found them at Fit2run last week but didn't get them and the other day I found them at CVS!! Meant to be!! I always shop there and it was on sale and I can use extra bucks! As my runs get longer, I will stuck up! They taste like candy, gluten free and for 90 calories, you get 5 chews! I eat them before activity and take with me! Natural energy and they aren't hard to get down!

Target and Yoplait did it again! While it was creamy and tasty, to me it tasted like blueberry not blackberry and nothing else special with it. I love all their flavors but this one was just ehh.

Heaven in the bottle right there! I saw someone post it on Instagram and I checked out the website! 7.99 for the 750 mil bottle, good deal! Could only find it online from their website and when you sign up you get 10% off! I tasted it last night and it is so good, I added it to my protein shake! Today will be in my coffee! I need a pump for it and I'll have my own coffee shop! While I love the Dunkin Donuts one, it isn't sugar free and this is!!

Some of my favorite food finds I was loving on this month of May!