Monday, May 12, 2014

Day 16: Walking with a friend

Today I was ready to take on the world.

Well not exactly, I was super tired when I got up this morning and wanted nothing more than to sleep in for at least an hour more, but duty called and I had to be to work really early. We had to change the store from Mother's Day to Father's Day, which meant into work early. 

But going in early also meant I could leave early, which is always nice and I did just that. I got out of work around 2:30 and I ran a couple of errands on my way home. Once I got home, my body relaxed and I wanted nothing more than to just take a nice nap. My friend, Jacke texted me earlier about going for a walk together and I was thrilled we were finally going to be able too.

I passed out and had a great nap and then met Jacke for our walk. Walking with a buddy and running with a buddy, makes a world of a difference. Time flies when you chatting and catching up. I was super excited to see Jacke because the last time we hung out was when we were training for Iron Girl, a little over a month ago. We caught on our lives and got a good hour walk in, which was of course perfect in line with my training plan.

I felt great after my walk and decided to use the energy I had flowing through me to clean my apartment. Every time I work a long week, our house cleaning takes a back seat and so does my laundry and everything that goes along with it. I even had time to prepare dinner. I am not sure if it was the energy of the walk or the fact I got to get to exercise with a friend but this was a great night. My mind is right, my hunger is of course on point, wanting to eat everything and well my training is going great.

And even better I am off tomorrow and Wednesday and I have some grocery shopping trips planned, to Aldi and Trader Joe's. A massage in the morning on Wednesday and eyebrow waxing and of course weekly weigh in. And a nap here and there!