Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 7: Rest Day & Self Love

I am an hour behind. I was taking full advantage of my per training schedule "rest day". To say I was excited about it was an understatement. I set an alarm and then through that idea out the window, I just snuggled under my blankets and just slept in. It was glorious.

It was a rainy day, so I was nice and cozy and enjoyed every moment. Feeling nice and refreshed I started my day with some greek yogurt, some Belvita biscuits and a cup of coffee. I prepped my lunch for work, showered and was ready to take on the work day. I was feeling really good, a bit tired and dragging but my spirit and drive is back this week.

I got a hair cut on Tuesday and boy was it needed. And today proved it...

I was feeling very pretty today. I love when I have days like these and can take a selfie like this. It does something to my insides and boosts my confidence.

Sometimes I don't recognize who I am looking at. I love that feeling. I love at how far I have come.

It may seemed self centered or cocky of me to really appreciate how I look and take pictures of myself, but I haven't always been this way. When I would take pictures, I would have to tilt and angle to get just the right shot because I didn't like how I looked. Now, I can take a picture head on and I love what I see on the other side. 

I believe we should really see the beauty we posses, sometimes I don't always believe it or see it, but today I did and I am savoring in it.

My "rest" day consisted of sleeping in, working 9 hours at work, which was very busy and now watching the Mayweather fight with the Bubbas. 

Up early tomorrow for my morning run!