Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#Fuel Your Better: Vega Sport Protein Bar

Do you ever feel this way??? Does this go through your mind? Is this a feeling you have at times?

If you can answer Yes to any of these, then you are human and it really is okay. But maybe it is the way you are fueling your body, mind and soul. Seriously all these things go hand in hand with training.

I was given the opportunity through Fit Approach and Sweat Pink and Vega Sport to try Vega products for Recovery and Fueling Better.

I was given different options to try and I chose the Protein Bar, because I love, Love protein bars and trying out new ones whenever I can. Plus what a bonus when I saw I was given Chocolate Peanut Butter. I mean who doesn't love chocolate and Peanut Butter together. Perfect combination.

I loved this bar. I was kind of nervous being it was plant based and vegan, but I could not tell any difference. I know it sounds crazy, but I have never tried anything like that before. It literally tasted like a candy bar and I felt refueled and better after one of my long runs.

Really delicious!!

When I am feeling like I don't want to make it out the door to train, I will be turning to these bars because I know I will be fueled and ready to go. I will feel stronger and know I am doing something good for myself.

Here is some awesome details on these bars...

And to learn more on how to train and fuel better, click this link...

Try this link, you will be truly motivated.

You can find Vega Products on there website, GNC and probably any health food retailer.

Remember to Fuel Your Better!!!!