Saturday, May 31, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 35: 5 Weeks Down and Negative Zero

My energy level today was a negative zero!

Thank goodness today was a rest day because if I had to run, I probably wouldn't even had made it down the street. I mean I didn't even want to make breakfast or anything, I just kind of shuffled myself around the apartment before work. I was completely and utterly drained.

I managed to get myself ready for work and I had a burst of energy, I think I just needed a lazy morning, curled up on the couch. My favorite friend, Flo, did just decide to come by so I am sure that is why I feel like complete crap too.

My left heel is bothering me also. Not a lot where I am doubled over in pain, but just a pain here and there. It is in the back of my heel, to the side, facing inward. I should probably take a picture haha. I am using  ball to rub it under my foot and it is helping. I know when I increase my mileage a lot this tends to happen and I have been wearing nothing but flats and flip flops lately and just my running shoes when I am running. I need to wear my sneakers more often, I think.

I run tomorrow, so I will see how it feels when running. So rest and relaxation when I can.

I cant believe that 5 weeks is gone and done with my training and tomorrow is 6 weeks. For 6 weeks I have been going and going with the training and I am still loving it. Plus, I am so glad I am documenting all of this, thank you to the gentleman Cameron, who commented and said he likes that I am documenting this all experience. I really appreciate it, even on the days when I feel like I am just rambling.

I have some fun posts in mind too coming up!

Back to 5 weeks, wow, a whole month is gone too. I started this the last week of April and for the whole month of May. My calender is full with my daily runs and workouts and the rest days I took once a month. This month I learned, it is best to run in the morning, water is key, even when I am busy at work and life, I am still making time to get this done, my period is my enemy to running, I may not have lost on the scale with this month, but I am seeing some muscle definition.

I learned that my neighbors are getting used to seeing me and I am finding new things to look at all the time. I love when I can get a long run in downtown because it is my favorite place ever. I learned that running with a friend who has a faster pace, will make me faster, even if she chooses to do splits with me. I learned I need to do some speed work every once and a while. I really love to ride the bike because I can catch up on my Nook.

I learned I am tougher the heat and I will continue to get tougher as the summer months progress. I learn that I am to follow the training plan, even when I feel like pushing more, it is a training plan for a reason. I learn that I love getting up for a run on my day off, but before work, is a big hassle lol.

I learned that even with 5 weeks down, I am feeling, stronger, better and faster. I am starting to feel like a marathoner.

Here is too another 5 weeks, well maybe 4 weeks, another month and another miles ahead!