Thursday, March 16, 2017

Coffee Talk: Lets Get Personal, Personal....

Good Thursday Morning!!!

I am still currently on vacation and have sometime to just kick back and relax. I have been taking my mornings a little slower than normal, I have been having multiple cups of coffee, I am not racing to make my breakfast and I haven't turned on my alarm at all all week. I am sitting here listening to the Bobby Bones show on my MacBook and just taking in all this time. So while I am doing that, I wanted to do some more posts because life has gotten in the way and I want to make that stop.

I have pinned a lot of blog post ideas, because sometimes you just need a little advice, help and guidance. This morning I came across one that has you answering personal questions, I thought it was a fun idea to do. 10 personal, in depth questions....Here we go :0)!!

1. What are my strengths?

I always love and hate this question in interviews. When I am sitting down with someone doing an interview or if I am the interviewee, it is always a tough question because there is so many ways it can go. But my strengths are as follows, I can always find a positive outlook...I choose to find a positive outlook, I will put a spin on that outlook just to find it. I love with my whole heart, which is a strength because I am open to anyone and everyone, which as you can imagine is a weakness also. I am dedicated to everything I do. I don't give up easily. I am constantly happy, upbeat and have a way to turn the energy in a room.

2. Where do I feel safest?

I feel safest with my family back home. I feel safest when I am with my boyfriend and I feel safest when I am with my best friends. I am an extremely trusting person, so anywhere I am with people and I am not on my own, I feel safest.

3.  What is my happiest memory?

I often think about this question, not sure why but ever since losing my dad, I often think about the happiest memories I have. And sometimes I feel like those memories get blurred or I worry about did I make those memories up. I have so many happy memories, in all aspects of my life, happy memories with my friends, family, BF, work happy memories. But if I dig deep my happiest memory would be with my dad. It was a day we were running errands together. He had this truck, I can still smell and feel the way the leather in that truck in the front seat was like. It was a single cab truck and it was covered in stone, brick and dirt because he was a mason, so his truck was constantly dirty. But I loved it, I didn't care if I was covered in it. We got in the truck and headed to the lumber yard to pick up some supplies. He was driving, I was in the passenger seat. We stopped to get some diet cokes and Slim Jim's from the corner store (which I love to do always). He got some kind of horrible snack they had there and I got a crystal clear Canadian water, black cherry of course. We drove to the lumber yard, listening to classic rock and I had a book with me. I always carried a book with me, my dad laughed because he didn't know how I could read while the car was moving. He always got motion sick. But I didn't care, I read that whole book start to finish that day just driving around with him. We got to the lumber yard and he filled up his truck and we had the windows down, driving past piles or wood and sand and concrete. He was telling me all the different kinds and in that moment, that day, I knew I would never forget it.

4.  I know I am stressed when.....

I get this weird flutter in my eye. It is almost like butterfly wings flapping. When that happens I know I am stressed from whatever may be going on, work or life in general.

5. What is my proudest accomplishment?

I have a couple actually. The simple ones...graduating High School and College, out of my Mom and Dad, I was the only one too. My mom took some College courses but never finished and my Dad never was a thought to do so. And then starting and completing my Marathon. But I think my proudest accomplishment is never following down the path my parents did. Now I know that sounds horrible and my parents were both amazing people. My mom still is. They both were extremely hard working and dedicated to me, but they had vices when it came to drinking. And it is a fact that a child that has both parents that suffer from addiction it most likely to do the same and I am proud to say, I never have and have fought every day to do so. Yes I drink alcohol but I do not let alcohol control me because I know first hand what it can do. My proudest accomplishment is beating the odds.

6.  Am I night owl or an early bird?

Can I be in between?? haha. I am a little bit of both. I love waking up early and taking on the day. I love the quietness of the morning and starting it before everyone else BUT I also like being a night owl and staying up and making the night go longer. In College, probably like everyone else, I was a night owl. And of course as I got older I became a early bird. I enjoy the cup of coffee early in the morning now more than I ever thought I would.

7.  What is my biggest failure?

I honestly can say I don't have any regrets in life because I do 100 believe everything in life happens for a reason. But my biggest failure would be I fail when it comes to what people think about me. I have a really bad habit and fail miserably about how I will be perceived in the eyes of others, how they think I look and feel. It is bad and I am working every day on it, but that is probably my biggest failure, is not trusting myself 100.

8. What matters the most to me?

My Poppy. My Poppy is my life line, he is the greatest person in my life. I would do anything and everything for him.

9.  What new activities am I willing to try?

Oh my goodness, I am practically willing to try anything, once! I just need people to try it with me. I really hate going to things by myself. I am a super social person, but walking into group activities, gives me all kinds of weird feelings. So for instance doing a group class by myself for fitness really does it for me. I get nervous and weird. I am not sure why.... I can go to a movie by myself, I can eat by myself but a fitness class makes me so nervous and I know I need to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to that. Which I am actually doing that tonight to help me a grow a little bit more.

10. What am I passionate about?

I am passionate about running, smiling, writing, dogs, love, family and friends. I am passionate about making people in my life happy. I am passionate about being a better person in the world and passionate about being a better person to others. I am passionate about happiness and my life.