Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekly Weigh In and Recap Of The Weekend

Okay so I have been bad and haven't written a blog since Saturday!!!


I never go more than a day but seriously my life has been kind of busy these past couple of days and really nothing too exciting.

So here is a brief recap...

Saturday night the BF and I went to dinner and had some drinks at BJ's Brewhouse.

The hotel we were staying at was really close to it and we have been wanting to try it, so we figured why the heck not. It was really good food and I have to admit I had a cheat meal. I figured why the heck, I had been SO good all week and deserved it.

I had two Skinny Rita's. A slimmed down version of a margarita and in my opinion way better.

We got Avocado Egg Rolls.

Total Yum.

I had a side salad with dressing to dip not pour.

They we got there spicy meatball pizza. It was sure spicy and very very good. We split the whole thing, total splurge but I was hungry and ate lightly all day, I know bad idea, but it was worth it.

And then we got dessert! And we NEVER get dessert.

It was a great night out. We had drinks and kicked back and came home and watched Breaking Bad and feel asleep.

Sunday I worked all day doing the inventory at another store. We checked out of our hotel and since I didn't have anything to take to work with me, I stopped at the Fresh Market before work. I picked up two grilled chicken breasts, some veggies and some fruit. I also got two diet sodas and two Kevita drinks, which are sparkling Probiatic drinks. I knew I had a bad cheat meal the night before, so I needed to make really good decisions Sunday. And I did.

Once I got home from work, I was thrilled to be back in our apartment. I got everything unpacked including the stuff we had to back up for the fumigation. It felt so nice to be back in our home. The rest of the night we watched the football game, I got caught up on my DVR and bed.

See not much of an exciting life I lead.

Yesterday was an early day with work. It felt so good to be in our bed, I had a real hard time getting up and ready, but I suffered through and made it. I made really good choices again for work, bringing oatmeal, yogurt and Progresso Light Soup. I brought a Balance Energy Bar also as an indulgence. After work I got out and it was still light out, so I went for a 3 mile run. My legs felt a bit heavy and weighed down but I pushed and limited my walking a bit. It was a really nice night for a run and so glad I didn't talk myself out of it.

Then I came back and meal prepped our dinner. I made a big pot of Quinoa so I would have left overs for most of the week. Mixed a can of black beans with tomatoes and chick peas with some seasoning. I roasted carrots and made lean burgers for dinner.

The burgers I took hamburger, mixed with a half cup of water and a half of a packet of Onion Mix and made them into patties. They came out amazing! James loved them and requested that we have them more often. We ate them on sandwich thins with fat free cheese, delicious. I highly recommend it.

I roasted the carrots at 425 degrees with just a spray of olive oil. When roasted this way, they have the texture of a sweet potato. Crazy, I know. But seriously when you eat them, it seems like you are having sweet potatoes and zero points.

We caped off our night with Breaking Bad and I may have indulged in some dark chocolate blueberries. I have a weakness.

Today was weigh in day. And again seriously I didn't know what to expect. I have to say doing Simple Start has been hard for me. I love the foods and the no tracking and everything but my body is just not liking it. I gained AGAIN this week, .6.

Okay a half of a pound isn't horrible, but I mean come on!!! I did have an off weekend but I ran, worked out, drank lots of water and still my body is not having it. It is like my body wants to just hold onto this weight. I don't want it too, I am trying so very hard. I haven't been frustrated at all during this whole process and now....

Now I am getting disappointed.

I talked with the manager and she suggested to go back to tracking. Go back to what works best for me. And that is what I will do. I earn my activity points and I have lots of running planned this week, so I am giving it my all. Tracking and points have always been my thing, so I will make it my thing. She also said I might not have been eating ENOUGH. Insane to think I wasn't eating enough, I swear I was and I felt full, but with what I burn, it was just sitting there. Not moving.

Simple Start just wasn't for me...

So I am going back to tracking and seeing where that is going to get me.

But again I am not giving up at all. I know it takes time and I have been on this journey for almost Three years. And sure I have had a weight gain here and there but I keep thinking I am never going to gain the whole 81 back, EVER. Those pounds are gone forever and forever.

So tonight I didn't track again, enjoyed Taco Tuesday and Frozen Yogurt. And tomorrow I am back to my 26 points.

Next week will be better, I am dedicated to it for now and forever!!