Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

Here we go, first post of the New Year!!!

Last night was not exciting at all. We went to CD Roma's which is my favorite restaurant around here, its the place that I day before carb load before my Half Marathons with spaghetti.

I wore some skinny jeans, the new boots I bought the other day and the new pink shirt my Aunt got me from the Gap, which was really cute and fit great. 

 But they have really awesome pizza too. We got a side salad, some jalapeno poppers and pizza. I had 2 slices of pizza, some poppers (probably should have stayed away from them) and the salad and two pieces of bread. I order their Sangria and got a huge carafe of it thinking I could finish it. I made it through maybe 2 glasses and I was done. My stomach was so full I could barely sit still.

We left and came back home and I was thrilled to get in my PJ's. I poured myself a glass of Moscato. I bought Cupcake Red Velvet red wine

I only got a picture of this one because the other ones we didn't even crack open.

 and Skinny Girl Moscato and some Rouge Chocolate Peanut Butter and Banana beer. I had only two glasses of the red and my stomach was done. I could barely get anything down. So I was done drinking for the night and I just laid on the couch for the whole evening. I watched Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN because they are hysterical to watch. I love the way Anderson gets embarrasses and giggles.

James continued drinking and ended up passing out at 11:30 pm. At midnight I watched the ball drop of course, got a phone call from my mother, whom calls every year at midnight, super cute. I got some texts from my friends all over and then I was in bed sleeping by 12:30. It was very low key. I wished instead of going out to dinner we just made snacks and picked on that all night. I just wanted to be pj's all night and drink lightly. I guess I just cant hang like I used too and I am totally okay with that.

So now waking up on New Years I feel good. My head is a little cloudy and I am still sleepy but I think the weather has to do with that, it is cold, chilly, damp and rainy. Perfect day to just lay around and watch the Twilight Zone marathon and get my last run streak run in later on. I plan on drinking water and eating back on points for the whole day today. Yesterday was a nice cheat day but no reason to make it into two days. Have your day, shake it off and move right on.