Saturday, January 11, 2014

Like A Cannonball

Oh happy Saturday!! Another morning where I really didn't want to get out of bed and do anything. I need to figure out a situation with this because I planned for 7 miles and I only got in 3 because I overslept. Or maybe it is my bodies way of saying it really needs and wants the rest, so I guess I will give it.

I got up an ran 3 miles. I am trying to do run 10:30 and walk 1:00. My body is trained that way and recovers that way. There is nothing wrong or makes me less of a runner, in some ways it makes me a better one, a stronger one. But I am having a hard time with the 10:30, I am getting tired. Tomorrow I am going to try 9:00 and walk a 1:00 and see if that helps out more. After my run, I had to get ready for work and head out the door. I used left over Quiona for my lunch and mixed in black beans, chick peas, diced tomatoes, grilled chicken pieces and some fat free Italian dressing. It was amazing!!!! So yummy and delicious. I am so glad I brought that for lunch, we were busy at work and this kept me full the whole time.

So when I got home from work all I had was some shredded wheat and fruit and a Cookie Dough QuestBar for dessert. I am loving this Simple Start. I really hope and cant wait to see what the scale says.

Tomorrow is a long run day and then an afternoon out with James to watch some playoff football.

Here is a song I am LOVING right now....

It's my girl from Glee and her new CD will be awesome. I put this on my running playlist and I love it. Its powerful, inspirational and yet emotional.