Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Weekly Weigh In and Simple Start

Well I am glad that I did a transformation Tuesday because I needed to see how far I have come and where I am going to go because today was my weigh in day at my Weight Watchers meeting. I knew I was not going to have a good week because Aunt Flo was in town and came in like a freaking hurricane. So I wasn't surprised when I had a gain of 1.8 pounds. I am a bit disappointed in myself to almost gain 2 pounds in a week, but with everything going on and how I was feeling, I am surprised it was not more. And just like any gain or bad week, you pick yourself up, you evaluate the problem and then move on and fix it.

That's exactly what I am doing.

At our meeting today our leader introduced Weight Watchers new program, Simple Start. Simple Start is very similar to Simply Filling, which is based on the idea of eating only power foods and no tracking those power foods. You eat the items that designated as "power foods". Here are some examples of power foods;

Eggs or egg substitute
Fish/shell fish
Chicken, boneless, skinless
Turkey, roasted,
Ground meat, 95% lean or 99% turkey breast
Light English Muffins
Reduced calorie breads
Thin sandwich rounds
cream of wheat
Oatmeal, especially the WW brand you can find at meetings
Unsweetened Shredded Wheat
Brown Rice
Whole Wheat couscous
Whole wheat pasta
Fresh Vegetables
Frozen veggies
Packaged veggies, such as mixed greens, shredded carrots
Potatoes ( all purpose or sweet)
Fresh Fruits
Frozen, unsweetened, no sugar added fruit
Fat Free Cheese: Ricotta, cottage, shredded
Milk, fat free
Yogurt ( fat free Greek, and light)
Weight Watcher smoothie drink mixes
Black Beans
Chick Peas
Canned tomato sauce
diet soda
popcorn, 98% fat free
Sugar free Jell-o
Water packed roasted red peppers
Condiments, Sauces and Seasonings
Also Progresso Light Soup
Boca Burgers
Anything that has the green triangle attached.

The idea of Simple Start is you can eat all these food items not track them. Yup, you read this right, no tracking. You do not have to track these particular items, which means no portions on these items either. I know that is scary idea, no portions and no tracking, BUT you use common sense. Even though you are not tracking does to mean you can eat a Light English muffin, with two pieces of reduced calorie bread and some shredded wheat all for breakfast.

Simple Start is based off of filing and powerful food items that will keep you full and satisfied. I am choosing to start this journey because I want something to jump start my plateau I have been having and hoping this will jump start it. Plus with the Simple Start App that is included with my monthly Weight Watchers monthly pass, has great recipes and a shopping list to help with this journey.

After my meeting feeling pretty great and excited I headed to Publix and Target with James to pick up some items I wanted to get off the shopping list and meal ideas. I love that James is so very supportive, he went right along with me and didn't care that again we were going to a grocery store. He supports me and is along for the ride. It makes my life so easy. I don't have to cook different for him, he eats what I make and he does it with a smile, well most of the time, I have had lots of bad meals in the pass haha. So even though you are not tracking, you do get 7 extra indulgent points, they are 7 points for whatever you may like or how to use them.

It can be for a glass of wine, piece of chocolate, hummus, cracker chips, however you choose, but you do not want to go over those 7pp. This week I am dedicating to not eating out and really sticking to just eating those 7pp and nothing over that. It will be tough because I am trying to get long runs in, but I am really going to try this and see if it reflects the scale next week. I am just going to have to play around with post run and pre-run fuel. A QuestBar is only 5pp, so it will be well worth the points lol.

Also during this week, I am going to try and post my Simple Start plan and food choices for the day. Since I wont be tracking, I still need to write things down, it is just how I can do it, its how I work. Its what works for me. So be prepared to see all my food posts lol.

Here's to a new week and new outlook and new change.