Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday & Sunday

Despite having to work on a Saturday, I really don't mind it all, I work retail, it comes with job lol.

On Friday I went to Old Navy and used a Super Cash gift certificate I had. I ended up picking up a black sweater dress and sparkle tights and a long sleeved sweat shirt like shirt.

I decided to wear the new dress and sparkle tights to make Saturday a bit more exciting...

I was loving the look put together. The sparkle tights were so cute and I will be wearing them more often and the dress was comfortable. It was medium but I could have definitely used a small if they had it. I love moments like that.

When I got home from work James had surprised me with a bottle of my favorite wine, Red Cat. It was a great surprise and I wasn't planning on drinking or having a glass, but how could I say no to a very sweet gesture like that. Part of 2014 goals for each other, was I would love if he thought of me more often. When I am out at a store, I always pick something up for him, to let him know I was thinking of him, I asked him to do the same. And this was exactly what I was looking for.

I made a light dinner and enjoyed two glasses of wine with some fat free popcorn and Breaking Bad.

And it was a great Saturday night.

I ended up getting a great night sleep, which has been rare. I didn't really set an alarm and figured we didn't have anything planned today, so I would just wake up whenever and then just run. So I slept until 9:30, packed my to go bag for running, fueled with a Quest Bar ( I have a HUGE obsession) with them, a banana and some NUUN for hydration.

It had rained hours before so the weather was kind of perfect. I didn't have to bundle up or freeze to death. My quads were still a bit tight, but felt great since I had taken the two days off to rest from the back to backs. I ended up getting in 8 miles and I was having a great pace and time. I actually finished about 2 minutes better than prior. The only thing that stunk was I had forgotten to charge my Garmin, so at mile 7.65, it died. Luckily I know the route by heart.

After my awesome run I headed home and James and I went to Chipotle for lunch. I was starving! We have a serious obsession with Chipotle lately and I am totally okay with it because with Weight Watchers I know exactly how to order and what to order. And with Activity Points and weeklies I can even enjoy the chips.

Since it was a rainy day, we made it a lazy day and finished Season 2 of Breaking Bad, which by the way, HOLY HECK AMAZING!!!! And we were so hooked we started season 3, we cant get enough. It's sad to say we watched at least 4 hours of it back to back, but I mean come on, it is so worth it.

A friend of ours stopped by now tonight to watch the Pro Bowl and The Grammy's. I wanted to share my dinner, which actually was "Brinner"

2 pieces of Sara Lee 45 Calorie Bread (2pp)
1 Tablespoon of Walden Farms Cranberry Sauce (0pp)
1 Tablespoon of Philadelphia Protein Cream Cheese (1pp)
5 pieces of Land of Frost Canadian Bacon (1pp)
1/2 cup of Egg Substitute (1pp)
Tomato, pepper, onion mixture (0pp)
1/4 cup of Fat Free Shredded Cheese (1pp)
1 Medium Sweet Potato, cut up into chunks, baked with spray olive oil, salt and pepper (3pp)

So delicious and hit the spot. I was craving breakfast and this was exactly it. Look at all those power foods, filing items and all for only 9pp!

And to start the week off right, a little motivation from by far my favorite quote and motto I live by..

Have a great start to the week!!!