Wednesday, January 1, 2014

365 Days of Memories

While I was reading and catching up on my favorite blogs, I came across Amanda and her blog Running With Spoons, which I love. What she posted today about doing a 365 Good Memory Box, I absolutely am all over that. For 365 days a year she posted one good memory and put in a her chest box and then opened today and read through all of them. I think that is such a cool and neat idea. I know she said she had to play catch up a bit and her blog was an easy way to recount it but like her I love the idea of tangible project. I want to go a little further and not just make it a good memory box or just 365 memories rather it be good or bad. 

Just one simple idea or memory of each day. I love that she has a chest box, I am not sure where I will find one but that is my quest this weekend. Starting today I will start with a memory and work from there. You can make it fitness related, family related, whatever you like.

Check out Amanda's blog here...