Friday, April 15, 2016

Let's Go To The Movies....And EAT at Cobb Theaters Tyrone

As part of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given access and a gift card to tour the new Cobb Theatre at the Tyrone Square Mall for social share and blog post, all opinions and reviews are my own.

I have lived in the St. Petersburg Area for almost 7 years now and worked at the Tyrone Square Mall for 6.5. In those 6.5 years, I anxiously waited for the mall to get a movie theatre and the time has finally come and this is not just any run of the mill movie theatre, this one is luxury and spacious and a whole experience on its own.

Nanci, over at This Crazy Life of Mine, also a Tampa Bay Blogger and more importantly one of my besties, and I have partnered with our blog post about the Cobb Experience. She was in attendance also and there is so much to tell you, we decided to break it up into TWO part posts, linking to the two of our blogs together. I am going to give you the details on the food experience at Cobb, believe me it is more than just soda, candy and popcorn and Nanci is going to give you the experience of the theatre. So make sure to head over to her blog post after and check it out.

Okay so Cobb Theatres food experience is definitely something different. It is fun, innovative, luxurious and seriously and all in all one stop shop. You can have dinner, drinks and a movie all under the same roof. And I am not talking about like hot dogs rolling under a belt, or microwave cheese sauce poured over stale chips. I am talking Buffalo Chicken Dip to start or Dynamite Shrimp to start....

 Tender, Crispy, Hand-Battered Fried Shrimp tossed in a Spicy Sauce for 9.95

Don't worry if you are a Nacho lover, like us ladies were, then here are some Nachos, under the category of Shareables, believe me you wont want to share...

As  named, Monster Nachos, Fried Corn Tortillas, Homemade Beef Chili, Queso, Cheddar and Jack Cheeses, House Pickled Jalapenos, Sour Cream and Tomatoes for 12.95. Also can be Vegetarian and these are Gulten Free.

These are just two of the Shareables they offer that you can find at the Movie Theatre. At the new location, when you walk in your have your fair share of food to choose from. This is just a taste, don't worry, I will show you more. 

The theatres concept isn't like your typical concession stand area. Yes, it holds Popcorn and Candy and Soda, but it is a self-serve, walk through concession area first off...

Almost to the feel of cafeteria style set up. You walk up and move down the aisle, choosing for various food options.

Yes that picture is Funnel Cake...

It is DELICIOUS!! No more waiting for the fair, you can eat it while watching your favorite flick. 

You can order Burgers, Paninis, Cubans, Salads, Tacos!!

This is no joke you can get all of this at the MOVIES. Thanks to the Executive Chief Issac, whom emphasizes on the high-quality, freshly prepared ingredients. The Kitchen, yes I said kitchen at Cobb Theatres is 100% a scratch kitchen, meaning everything is prepared in house and fresh daily, right there on sight at the Cobbster Kitchen To Go.

You can either take the food into the movie with you and enjoy while watching your movie, or have a nice sit down with your food before you head on in. The Cobbster Kitchen and dining concession area also holds Pizza...

And this my friends is NY Style pizza. And I am from NY and had a taste and man it was like I was back home again. It was bubbly, fresh, hot and the tomato sauce was perfect, the crust was thin and holy yum. This was like a pizza I would get back home and couldn't believe I could enjoy it while at the movies.

Don't worry there is popcorn too....

If you so choose to take your meal into the movie with you, your probably wondering, geez, how am I going to eat it in my lap, I mean you are going to want to have some room to unwind. And I hate when I get food at the movies and have to put it on the floor and fear I am going to step or knock it over. 

Have no fear, when checking out with your food and going through the concession area or at the Cobbster Kitchen To GO, you can use one of this handy trays,

Found right underneath the concession area and they sit right in your cup holder. I don't want to to indulge in more details, as Nanci is going to blow your mind with these chairs. But the tray sits right in and swivels right towards you and you can have a table waiting at all times.

Okay so we have our meals right, so now we need some drinks. You have a long range of coke products to choose from, coffee or hand crafted coffee drinks to take in with you, or if you are in the mood for something else, lets say a mixed drink, craft or draft beer, bottled or even a glass of red of white wine, there is a bar on sight...

You can take the drink into the movie with you, limit one per person, per trip. And really kick back and relax, or enjoy the drink in the bar area before the movie, or even after. Heck you can come into the bar and get food and drinks and not even see a movie. Seriously how awesome is that!!!

They have a long list of creative drinks to settle any one's taste or mood.

Such as sangria and The Hangover Margarita...

Both VERY GOOD!!!! 

The sangria was perfect and the margarita, even with a salt rimmed glass was the perfect combination, you can tell it was not from a mix.

Now you have your starters, meal, drinks and if you are anything like me, you know you need something sweet to just make it full circle. There are even desserts, besides the traditional candy area.


With candy toppings....

The funnel cake, which I know you are going back up to look at again. And it tasted just like one at the fair.

There is White Chocolate Bread Pudding...

And the table pleaser and what caught my attention IMMEDIATELY on the menu,

Sweet Potato Hushpuppies with Marshmallow Dipping Sauce...

These are worth every calorie!! And they are warm, gooey and soft pockets of heaven. I will get these again for sure, you know for James lol.

Now I know you are probably thinking, all these meal ideas and snacks, it has to be super expensive.

Well you are wrong, the prices are great. They are typical meal prices you would get at any restaurant, even better I believe. The best part is, you can have it all under the same roof. No more going out to dinner before, rushing through dinner and then racing to get to the movie. You can have it before in the same place or just take it on in with you. 

For James and I this is pure heaven, our date night just got a lot easy and the luxury of all under one roof, makes us wanting to have a date more often.

The food experience at the Cobb Theatres, is redifining what it means to eat at the movies anymore. I highly recommend taking your date night, friends, or even yourself and make sure to save room for food, you won't want to pass up the many, many opitions. So check out whats on Fandango and head to the movies.

You can check out the new Cobb Theatre at the Tyrone Square Mall, officially opening today April 15th.

Make sure you check out Nanci's blog about the whole MOVIE Experience, you wont believe what she has in store for you!!!