Friday, April 1, 2016

Going To Make April Great

Happy April Fools Day!!!!

I am not good at making pranks or jokes, I usually laugh mid way or get overly excited and blow the whole thing haha. I tried to pull one on James this morning but I have the worst timing and he got it before I even tried lol.

But one joke I am not pulling this morning and the whole month is staying fully committed to my working out and running. My eating honestly is not that bad. I make great choices every chance I get. I track everything I eat through My Fitness Pal, religiously. Do I go over my calories sometimes; YES. Do I track my good days and my bad days; YES. I mean sometimes I snack here and there and forgot to track it, but I am conscious of what I am doing. But I know I have to buckle down some also.

So I think April is a great start. I am feeling great and really just wanting to take it to a next level and get over this plateau for a bit. When I was home in NY my Poppy and Aunt both said they thought I was losing weight and my neighbor upstairs said it yesterday too. It is nice to hear when you feel like you just cant see it.

Here is the thing too, I am not going to stop enjoying days though either. I want my date nights with James and I want to go out and have fun together. So on days I know we are going out, well I plan in the beginning and let the night roll.

I took some measurements this morning, which are sometimes hard to hear and see. I had James take them for me. He doesn't understand why I want to know all these facts, he loves me just for me, seriously he loves my legs and arm fat, he calls them softies and fluffies. It is strange,  but it just shows how much he really does love every inch of me.

As of this morning, while still dealing with my TOM, I weighed in at 176. My arms were 14 3/4 inches, things were 26 1/2 and my hips and waist were 39. I wont take my measurements again until the end of the month. I will weigh myself mid month because I have a doctors appt, but that's it. I want to just enjoy the process and celebrate the progress.

I plan on to continue to drink tons and tons of water. Making my better choices with foods and following my calories and macros. I will work out 4-5 days a week, 3 of them being run days and 2 of them being the gym or strength training, using a resistance band and weights.

I am tracking my progress in my planner and will be blogging with it also.

SO this morning, I got up made myself a protein packed breakfast of Yogurt and These amazing Mighty Muffins...

These are so good!! They have been online for awhile but they were hard to find in stores. Finally GNC and Vitamin Shoppe started carrying them. They are quick and easy and I have been eating them on my drive to work also. They are great for breakfast or even dessert or a snack I would assume. With 20g of Protein, it is an easy and delicious way to hit those points quickly.

Then while watching Grey's I did some strength working out, rather than sitting on the couch. It is a great way to start the  month and day.

Here is to making April Great!!!!