Thursday, April 28, 2016


Wow it has been two weeks since I have sat down and blogged in. It has been a little bit all over the place the last two weeks, work is starting to pick back up again with Mother's Day, trying to do more with James after work and trying to balance working out in the morning and evening. Oh and still trying to enjoy my days off when I can, like today.

Okay, so I figured the best way to jump into what I have been up too, is with a currently post, which I always find fun anyway...

Current Book: 
This is exciting because I am kind of reading two books at the moment, The Happiness Project & The Luckiest Girl Alive AND I started an online book club, through Facebook, called The Novel Bunch. My love of reading has been in full force this year.

Current Music:
With my new car, I had Sirus XM, which was great but it did get old after awhile. So I have been loving on some country lately and John Mayer, yes I go back to old school type of music here and there.

Current Drink:
Anything I can pour into my new Yeti cup. That thing is amazing!!! It keeps the ice and cold forever. I carry it around, just so I can pour items into it. I also had the Best Damn Cherry Cola, it's sweet but it is really good.

Current Food:
Nothing really. I have been back to making some really good choices again and learning to have the balance and still enjoy foods I love. I have been hitting my calorie markers and macro counts each day.

Current Show:
Too many. A lot of my shows are taking their summer breaks really soon. But I just finished the second season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which was hysterical on Netflix. And we are watching The Path on Hulu, also really good. We tend to watch a lot of our shows on Hulu and Netflix. I am so happy Chelsea Handlers coming back to a talk show atmosphere on Netflix, May 11th, so looking forward to that.

Current Links:
There was a post shared on Tuesday, about a young girl who witnessed at an airport, TSA, throwing away the passagners gift because it had water in it. It was a snowglobe from Things Remembered. She took the SG out of the trash, hoping to give it back to the couple at a later time. When she posted the picture on FB, I knew right away that it was one of ours, and we could possibly help. Sure enough, the SM of the ST. Pete location found the receipt and was able to help the girl locate the family.

Here is the link :0) Kind of awesome that we got to help out and promote positive in the news.

Current Need:
To pick up my car from being fixed. It needed new brake pads, one day without my beauty and I am lost.

Current Indulgence:
I am so going to get a pedicure today, my poor feet look like hell after the half marathon and all the other running I have been doing.

Current Excitement:
Happy I am off today and really have no plans except for some few errands here and there.

So what are you CURRENTLY up too???