Saturday, April 30, 2016

April Goals and Recap

Good Saturday Morning!!!

Okay so it is the last day of the month, holy crap, where did it go. Seriously it was just April Fools Day a bit ago, just insane.

Let's recap a bit of April, shall we.

Running & Working Out

April I have to say was a bit of a fun month for me. I did a lot of different things this month and was really committed to working out and eating right and making a better effort than maybe I have before. Really tracking my work outs and getting right back on track. And I do have to say it worked wonders.

I was getting up early before work to run. I was running after work when I didn't do it in the morning. I was making my way to the gym to do some weights and cardio. My laundry pile, defintely grew this month.

I ran the Iron Girl Half Marathon this month and while it wasn't a PR race and I was no expecting it to be at all, I had a really great time running that race. It was fun and I had a runner's high through out the whole thing. I ran with Nanci this month too, meeting her and her hubby and Corina out in Clearwater and I also took a Women's Running Class with Nanci, at St. Pete Running Company. That was a really fun morning. The class gave us tips and tricks on how to run better and I have used the tips in my daily running and seeing a difference for sure, especially in my breathing and quick steps.

I completed Tampa Bay Mom Runs, virtual Boston Marathon race, it was to run 26.2 miles from April 1-18, the day she ran the marathon. I completed that with the  help of Iron Girl, well in advance and even exceeded the run. And got a goodie bag and medal for it...

I ended up running 43 miles this month. Not as much as I was hoping, I had some rest days thrown in there a bit, due to work and such. But I am proud of those 43 miles. Still more than half the year down to reach my 1000 miles.

I did get to the gym a bit more this month, but seriously for me, the running is where it is at. I just love the cardio aspect. I need to find some balance with it for sure, and I am constantly working on that, but I did just find a great arm and leg cardio work out with dumbells I found on Pinterest. Holy heck was it amazing, I am sore this morning and it was quick and simple, and I did it while watching Grey's, I will be using that this coming month.

Healthy Living

I had some cheat days this month for sure. I enjoyed some date nights with James and enjoyed random times of just eating out. BUT I made healthy balanced choices each and everytime. I think one time I had some pizza for no reason, other than I wanted it dammit. I did have a couple of nights out with drinks. Not my typical wine or light beer. Like beer cocktails and pretzel bread with cheese, umm yes that happended because my damn period haha. But I did not regret anything. I am done beating myself up over having fun and taking one extra bite. You know what I did the next day, I drank my water and made better choices and moved on.

The scale did not move this month, so I guess that is a good thing. I see my stomach is not bloated in the mirror anymore and I feel light lighter when I am running. I am contuning to count calories, and I did drop down from 1500-1600 calories, to 1310. Hoping that change will spike it. And I am trying to not eat over those 1310, unless it is a special day of some sort. I dropped the calories down the other day after my doctors appointment.

Insert, self pitty right here....

I went to get some blood work done and the doctor said everything was perfect. He said I was a young and healthy girl. Good kidneys, liver, electrolytes and my thyroid was fine, everything was perfect. Phew. So I mentioned, I don't get why sometimes my energy level is so low though. I take a multivitamin and sleep well ( I think) I work out and run. And what he said I took why too hard...

He said well your overweight.

That word just hit me like a ton of bricks. I work so hard and have been for the last 5 years, to hear those words. I understand that I will always be considered overweight thanks to my height, but he looked at me and judged me, based on the scale. I am new to my doctor, so he doesn't know what I go through every day. He doesn't know that I have lost 70 pounds from my highest weight. He doesn't know I weigh and measure my foods or I pack my lunch, or scan calories, or look up food choices before I go to dinner. Or that I choose protein packed items rather than convience.

And in that moment, I couldn't say anything. I just sat there and looked at him. He said now that the weather is nice, get out there and exercise often. Again, I was at a loss for words. He didn't know I have ran a Full Marathon and did a Half marathon, just two weeks prior. He didn't know that I run 3-4 times a week. I just couldn't say a word, because that work Overweight, was just a trigger.

I thanked him and walked out and burst into tears. I called James crying because I felt like no matter what I do or did, I would never be considered out of that word. I took pity on myself for the day and it lingered over me. Then after a few hours, I slapped myself, went grocery shopping and said, what does he know and I am continuing working freaking hard and doing what works for me.

Because I will get out of that word. I will be considered fit. I will continue being the bad ass I am!!


For the month of April I have read...

Brave Enough


Possible Side Effects

Run! 26.2 Stories of Blisters and Bliss

All different style books and all really good. Drew Barrymore's book was really good, each chapter was different, like a bunch of short stories in one. Actually come to think of it all of them were. The Brave Enough book was way different. It was a bunch of quotes in one book, so that book I read so quickly, like with in 45 minutes, but a good book,  non the less.


April brought a lot of happiness for me in friendship and love. I got to do a lot more things with Nanci, from running, to hanging out at the market in Clearwater and we did the Cobb blogging event, and getting coffee together before work one Saturday. I am so grateful for her friendship and all that it brings to my life.

James and I had a lot of fun this month too, we have gone out to breakfast, which is my favorite. Had our mornings together drinking coffee and lots of catching up on our favorite shows, we are in a great place right now in our lives and each day it gets better and better.

So April was a great month and I know May  is going to be even better!!!