Friday, October 11, 2013

11 Miles on the 11th

I haven't ran a long distance since almost 2 weeks ago, due to the stomach bug I had a week ago. This past Sunday I ran 5 miles and then took 3 days off for rest, knowing I was going to put in a long run today. The 3rd day of rest was not planned, but I woke up and was just craving a lay around in the morning before work time. I never get to just sit and have coffee and catch up on my DVR, so I decided to make that a rest day.

Yesterday after work, I knew I had to get some sort of run in. So I laced up my Brooks and got out there, ended up doing 4 miles and it felt great. My pace was good, I was moving right along. It really felt satisfying afterwords. Last night my legs did hurt a bit and I slept like crap. I did watch the saddest Glee ever, I mean I sobbed the whole time during the show and I don't know it sent me into a funk. But no matter what I got up this morning and was ready to go.

I made 2 slices of toast and spread Planter's Energy Mix PB on top. Drank some water, got my gear together and brought a banana and a PowerBar Apple Mango Strawberry pouch with me. I absolutely love them. I got downtown around 6:00 and there were a group of women who were also heading out to their long run this morning. As I started out, I was having MAJOR water bottle issues, they were leaking and water was shooting out. I had to dump some of the water and finally after a good 5 minutes and 2 stop and go attempts, I got the run started.

Running next to the ladies was frustrating at first because they decided to run in a horizontal line, which took up the whole path, so I had to run over in the street. I slowed my pace a bit so they could go ahead, it was throwing off my grove. My legs were feeling pretty stiff and heavy but I concentrated on my music and thoughts. At first I don't like running in the dark before the sun rises, but it is sort of therapeutic. You see the animals and people moving around, becoming alive. Its quite and peaceful and oh man does that sun rise really change your life.

My pace was kind of slower than normal, not sure if it was because of the morning, or the run from the day before, or I was just having a slow morning. I kept pushing good thoughts and made my way through the pain. My butt was hurting like crazy too, I could feel the muscles through the pants haha. There were many moments I thought I am going to stop and just walk it all, but I didn't, sometimes I don't know how I keep going, my drive even surprises me at times. The last mile was really tough, I couldn't wait for it to say 11 and then when it does, I get emotional.

Even though I have been doing this for a while, when you hit that one more mile run, it really gets to you. I get that thought of I cant believe I am doing this, I cant believe I just did 11 miles, something I never thought I would ever do or ever thought I would do. It is a pretty awesome feeling.

After my run, I downed a serious amount of Dark Chocolate Zico.

 It tasted like heaven. I was so thirsty on this run this morning. I thought it was going to be a lot cooler, 75 degrees is still really hot. Once I got done with my stretches, I went to Panera to have some breakfast. I indulged in their Power Breakfast Sandwich and a coffee. The sandwich is made with egg white patty, ham and cheese on multi grain bread, toasted. It was delicious and exactly what I needed and I was very much okay with the 9pp total.

The 11 miles are done and I got my long run in for the week, thank goodness. Next Wednesday I do another 11 miles and then the end of the month move on to 12. I cant believe the race is in 6 weeks! I can not wait.

I started my day off and Friday off great. The run knocked me out and I have felt tired all day, but it is a good tired, satisfying and who doesn't like a day off when you can be lazy, that is after I ran my errands.

Did a little retail shopping and then a nice long nap. How I love days off like this. I am so glad I am on this journey and don't mind getting up at 5:00 am to kick it off.

Now a relaxing evening with my love and some take out!

Enjoy your Friday Night!