Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Just ehhhh

I can not believe that is Tuesday already! Another week down and we are about half way through the month, craziness. So since it is Tuesday, it means Weight Watcher meeting day and weigh in day. Again another week, I really wasn't sure what to expect due to that weird lost that just didn't seem right, 2 weeks ago. This past week, I clocked in my 11 miles and for the week, I got in about 20 miles of running, but that was about it. I didn't make it to the gym and I have stared at my weights I have laying around every day but yet to pick them up.

I haven't been to the gym at all since I have started to increase my mileage. I love my running and after my long runs I am always beat and need a bit of rest for sure. And I always rest for at least 3 days during my long run training, for instance, I took Monday and Tuesday off to rest, tomorrow I am doing 11 miles again and then Thursday a true rest day, I will need it because I sure needed it last week. But I guess the point I am getting at this little rant, is I need to do more besides the running and that is my ultimate goal this week.

I am sure you can guess from my rant about my lack or little lack of exercise this week, which I know seems crazy, 20 miles of running and earning 34 activity points is far from little, I had a gain this week. I gained .6!! Again I am shamed to get upset over this, its a little gain, it could have been anything, but it is gain back to back is what kills me! But I am really trying to not let this get me down. I will fight back and work really hard this week. I am putting in my miles, going to incorporate some weights and pay a deep big attention to my points. So here is to another week and really hoping to see a loss!!

Have a happy fitness week!!