Thursday, March 26, 2015

Virtual Coffee Date

So I have seen this around in other blog posts and I thought it would be a cute way to catch up.

If we were going on a virtual coffee date, we would most likely meet at Starbucks because they are the close by, even though I would much rather go to Dunkin Donuts. I would order a Grande Blonde Roast with room for Skim Milk, 3 Splenda and 2 pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla. I would suggest we split a pastry because come on, its a coffee date and why the heck not, calories or points don't count when you are catching up.

I would tell you how great it is for us to get together in our busy lives and just sit down. I feel that most of the time life passes us by and we forget that even an hour of our day to do something like this can make a world of a difference.

I would tell you that I had a great trip back home in New York and how much it made me happy that I was able to spend so much time with my Poppy. He is getting older and I just want to be able to look back on these memories, not ones I regret I never took.

I would tell you that I am currently obsessed with the new show, Secrets and Lies, it is getting so good, even if the acting is a little off. I really want to know who killed Tom.

I would tell you that work is going really well. I would say that my store is feeling a 100% and everything is falling into place with it and not so stressed, which is probably the first time a long time.

I would tell you that my ankle is okay. And that is just that, it is okay. Some days it hurts so bad and other days, it is great, like Monday and Tuesday and today, it is sore and just uncomfortable. I would also tell you that I am going for PT today for the first time after our date, so a follow up conversation would be hard.

I would tell you that I have been feeling tired a lot lately. Coffee is definitely helping but just fatigued and not a whole lot of energy. I am taking vitamins and B12 but I think I need a little bit more. Here is where you would say, I should see a Doctor and I would say it is on the agenda!!

I would tell you that I have to grocery shopping this weekend, which makes me very happy because there is nothing that excites me more than a fully stocked fridge.

I would tell you that I am loving all the spring colors coming out and a trip to Target should be our next date because holy heck do they have some cute clothes  and shoes this year. Plus, hello anytime is a good time for a Target trip.

I would tell you I have a pile of magazines sitting on my table that I have not even looked at yet. I keep meaning to just unwind with them but it never seems to happen. But I would tell you that I finished 3 books this month and I think I am finally back to the love of reading BUT I am having a hard time diving into a new book, I think I need a fun, not serious book to get me going again.

I would tell you that since I bought a scale and switched to Weight Watchers online I feel like I have my groove back with weight loss. I feel I have gotten over my hump and things are starting to get back to normal.

I would also tell you how hard it has been since the marathon and everything. That I finally have control over my hunger and not eating for fuel and knowing the difference.

I would also tell you how happy I am, how everything is going really well for me now and how I am embracing the suck of things that happened.

I would tell you that James and I are good. Sure we have our bad days, but the good days are definitely out weighing them. We are finding balance and compromise and it is going very, very well.

So as we sip our last little bit of coffee, I would tell you how grateful I am to have your as a friend, how you listen and don't ever judge and let me be me.

I would tell you how much I appreciate you and cant wait to do it again.

Then we would hug and I would say next time, lets go for Wine ;0)