Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Next 21 Days...

Good Tuesday Morning Everyone!!

I have been up since 6:30 this morning while I am on vacation, its amazing how I have no problem getting up when I DON'T set an alarm but on days I do, I hit snooze like it is my job! But I think the main reason is because I know I have limited time here and I want to make the very best out of the minutes, even though I may be exhausted.

While sitting here this morning, I realized that today is March 10, being there is 31 days in the month, there is only 3 weeks left of 21 days. They say it takes 21 days to create a habit, so today is a perfect time to create a habit you can stick with in just 21 days and a nice way to end the month and carry on to the rest of the year.

I have never been one to be much of a water drinker. I really struggled with it in the past but I really wanted to commit to getting my ounces in and then some. And once I did that, seriously there is no turning back. I actually now crave the taste of water and will take it over a Diet Coke, a lot of the time.

But I will be real, I still very much love my Diet Coke, but to stay with my habit, I gave myself a rule. I set an amount of ounces I was going to drink that day, such as a 100 ounces or whatever the amount may be, then I could have my Diet Coke. It felt like such a treat and a reward for my hard work, that the Diet Coke tasted even better than I could imagine. After  awhile, I didn't even realize how much water I was drinking and some days I will forget about the treat I set up for myself.

This was a huge deal for me, because I would have a lot of Diet Coke before and hardly any water, sometimes up to 5 a day, it was my go to drink of hydration after my cup of coffee. But after 21 days, it has stuck and it has been a great addition to my healthy lifestyle.

I feel hydrated, I pee a whole lot, meaning I am flushing out anything and everything and my skin has cleared up some too.

So my challenge is, with 21 days left in this month, what challenge or habit will you create to continue on with your life. I bet after 21 days you will be hooked!!!