Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Stronger, Better, Faster

It's mid week, which means the week is almost over and my vacation is half way over!! Booooo.

I am really having a great time. I feel so relaxed and refreshed. I have been hanging out a lot with my Poppy, which is making me so extremely happy. His health hasn't been the best, so I am cherishing this time tremendously. I have cooked him breakfast and lunch and dinner every day and just being able to tend to him like he has my whole life, is rewarding to me.

The weather is pretty nice here too. I mean 30 degrees is freaking cold for me but it is refreshing. Today, I went out to get a run in. It is crazy to me that 3 months ago, I was running long distances just for fun and now I can only do a mile or so. But baby steps and progress is going to be big for me.

Today, I went for 1.48 and it felt amazing. I seriously could have done so much more, but I am getting better, faster and stronger each time I go out, even if it is just a little bit...

When I first started my running, I was getting 17 minutes per, now I am slowly getting back, I also decided to try 1:1's and it felt good. Having the sun hit my face and just being back to a "runner", I cant even explain how great it felt!! My legs were losing up and my ankle was feeling  wee bit better, except after I am done.

Rest and Ice is on the agenda. My Poppy wants to go for a small walk because his PT said he could cause its a nice day, so that's what I am happy to do with him!!

My eating has also been awesome too. I am not eating anything different than what I normally would and making great choices. I have been weighing myself each day but their scale is a bit weird and off, so I am going to wait until Saturday or when I am home in Florida to get the final weigh in for the Diet Bet.

Hope everyone is having a good week and here's to Progress Not Perfection!