Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Waiting on the Doctor

Quick little post because I'm sitting in my follow up appointment for my ankle!! It's been 32 days since I fell of the ladder. And like most things, one day it is totally fine and feel good and then the next day it hurts like hell. Like yesterday!! I had such a pain that it knocked me out. After work I laid right down and fell asleep. It continued to hurt all night and I had to have James massage it and then it felt fine a bit.

It is really discouraging. I just want to get a good sweat in. I'm honestly not sure if he will clear me for running just yet, I want to be honest and tell him the pain but I know what's gonna come. Despite I need to get back to some sort of cardio, like the bike and or weights. No more excuses or being put upon. I'm going in the right direction of my weight loss finally, so all together it will make for a winning pair!

Also, with me taking care of my outside I have also started with my inside. I have been taking a multi vitamin every day and have incorporated Biotin also and have seen a difference especially in my skin, which tends to break out.

And at night I have been taking melatonin and LOVING it! I sleep like a baby, no tossing and turning. No ongoing thoughts that keep me up and I wake up refreshed!! I got the Gummies form of the melotonin and it doesn't upset my stomach in any way or shape or form. It really is fantastic!!

And because I'm feeling so good..

Made an appointment for 8 and the doctor isn't even in yet, what's the point of offering an appointment first thing??! Ughh