Sunday, March 8, 2015

Flights and A Lost

Quick little post while I wait to board my plane back home to NY! Yesterday was my weigh in day and I was down .2!

Not too much but if I have learned anything it's a loss is a loss no matter how big or small, it means I'm moving in the correct direction and that is exactly what I need.

James and I had a nice night last of dinner at Sonny's for some BBQ, I tracked everything and didn't over indulge at all, I filled up on the salad bar and didn't even finish my sweet potato!

Unheard for me.

Daylight savings sucked a bit this morning since I had an early flight, no sleep but thank god for starbucks

James took his tradional goodbye picture of me before I left, he uses it as his screensaver for when I'm gone! It is very sweet that he does that, that way he can always see me 😍

This is mine

And this one..

The lightening is so bad, I look orange haha.

Crazy first flight, a guy passed out in the asile and they had to ask for medical attention on the plane. They gave him oxygen and all this crazy stuff. Thankfully there was an RN and a ER doctor on board. Scariest thing I ever saw. He seemed okay after, they mentioned he may have not taken his blood pressure medication.

I would never want to experience something like that!!

Now I have a quick layover in Maryland before NY, considering I was up so early, I had some fruit and coffee before my flight and now this amazing oatmeal

Banana, walnuts and brown sugar with steel cut oats for 8pp. I tracked it and it was delicious! I normally splurge a bit for Vacation but not this time, I have goals and losses in my future, so staying on track the very best I can!

Beautiful sunny 29 degree day with snow on the ground.. This Florida Girl

Has a rude awakening haha!