Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Little 5k That Became A Big Milestone

Okay so I have been on a mental quest this year, besides earning a dollar for every mile I do,trying to run 1000 in 2016, I am also trying to earn a medal every month!! Yeah I am all about running this year for sure. Now the medals, do not have to from a real life race, as you know I have been loving on some virtual races this year too. Because I mean I am out here running anyway, might as well earn some bling with it too.

So this past Saturday, I actually went to real live 5k race. It was called the Hippie Dash 5k in Gulfport, which I forget how super close it is to me, literally right down the road. I had signed up for this race, months ago when I got the flyer in a swag bag for a race I had did. The main reason I signed up for the race was because it was one I could do in May and it was running in Gulfport, which is this super laid back, cute town and it totally has that hippie vibe to it.

I originally was hoping to be off of work that day when I was running it, but in May because we are busy, I couldn't take a Saturday off, which was no biggie. So I got up at 6 and James got up too. I had my cup of coffee, my new favorite ritual before a run, got my outfit together.

As close to hippie vibes as I was gonna get and headed to the run. I was feeling really great actually that morning, calm and ready to do the run. I didn't eat anything before hand, and I didn't take my GymBoss to do my Run.Walk.Run. Which I am a lover of Jeff Galloway and Run.Walk.Run, I mean it is the reason I run, but I said heck, its just a race, I am just going to do the run and see how I feel. It was hot and humid, I was not expecting miracles.

There was a nice crowd, for a little race. The one thing was weird, I had already picked up my bib the day before but you had to get your timing chip the day of the race. The line was crazy, didn't seem organized and I was already in the starting line to care, so I just said the heck with it, I had my Endomono app anyway guiding me along.

I put on some Beatles Pandora to get in the mood and headed out with the crowd. Typically in a race I am so pumped up that I run the first mile without any walk breaks to begin with because I am tyring to fight the crowds and find my groove. Well after the first mile, the water station was there, I grabbed my water and just downed it and just kept running. I wasn't feeling tired or hot or anything, I just kept moving. No need for a walk break.

I thought okay this is different. So then I went to mile 2 and still no walk break. Got water and kept going, then I figured okay mile 2 is where I always break down for some reason, well 2.60, I was still feeling strong. So I thought, no stopping me now, I am going to do this whole thing with no walk breaks.

And I did!!!!

I was thrilled. I have not had that happen in probably 4 years, when I did the turkey trot one year with my friend Jacke and we didn't walk once.

I Couldn't believe it and even better, I ran it under a 12 minute mile.


I have come along way since my accident and since marathon training.

I couldn't believe it. I was on for sure a runners high after that. I was feeling on top of the world. My first 5k no stopping in FOREVER.

And it just shows with a whole lot of determination, a whole lot of heart and never giving up, it can be done.

Now I am shooting for that sub 30 minute 5k.

One step at a time!