Tuesday, May 31, 2016

31 Days of Running and June Goals

Good Evening Friends

So it is 10:45 pm and I am not sure why I am up but I am lol. Believe it or not this is late for me. Probably because I have off tomorrow. I have been super spoiled this week because we get 3 days off for the holiday, it is amazing.

Okay so back to my post rather than bragging about my awesome work week. So for the month of May my main goal was to run every day for 2-3 miles each day. Actually it was my only goal for the month of May and I am proud to say that I completed it!!!

Man was it tough at times. The start of the month, work was crazy, as we had Mother's Day business and I was running around at work like a crazy person. On my feet all day long. Then of course my time of the month knocked me out. And just being tired and hot, it made for some of those runs to be extra hard and I am sure I walked a lot more than I normally would because of some aches and pains.

Some Joys from my Run Streak:

1. I always felt amazing after words.
2. I stayed active every day which really did boost my mood.
3. I got my steps in each day (actually out of the 31 days, I did not hit 10,000 steps but 3) and that was because I was off and just being lazy after or before.
4. It made me fall in love with running again for sure.
5. It became a habit and even when I don't want too, I know I need to.
6. I can see my body changing again. I even lost 5 pounds this month
7. I am sleeping  better

Some Not So Joy From My Run Streak:

1. I am doing laundry constantly

Honestly that is the only thing that is not so joyus with the run streak haha.

It really has been great and I have decided to keep it going.

Yup I am going to keep streaking. From now until July 4th, this time with at least 1 mile every day.

At this point I seriously feel like if I stop, I couldn't. I would feel too guilty. So one mile every day, despite the heat, work and how tired I am.

If you want to join along you should!!! Maybe if you don't want to run, then walk every day at least one mile. It starts to become more of a you time then anything else. I know you will enjoy it.

And since tomorrow is June 1, what a better time to start. Also in conjunction with my run streak. I plan on doing some cross train with my arms. I really am not liking the flabbiness, so I need to start toning them up. And continue to read more.

Simple, easy and attainable goals for June. Here is to another great month.