Thursday, September 10, 2015

Favorite Football Food Pins

Hi Everyone!!!

Happy Football is Back Day!

I am not sure why I am so excited for the football season this year but I really am. James is a huge Redskins fan and I love his devotion to the team, even when he is yelling at the T.V. Sundays are my favorite Football day because I am usually off of work and get to spend some quality time with my love, enjoying the game. We have some friends over, which means I can cook and bake some awesome things.

I tend to try to find things I can eat, but I like to splurge for the guys. So I have been Pinning like crazy lately and finding so stinking awesome food items to make. Being it will be the first Skins game this Sunday, I am making Crock pot Meatballs.

Which is frozen meatballs, a bag, a jar of Sugar Free Grape Jelly and a bottle of Chili Sauce. James and his friend go crazy over these. But here are few other pins, I can not wait to make...

Great Football food! French Dip Crescents with Simple Au Jus Recipe:

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Sliders - great for lunch, dinner or football parties!:

Buffalo Chicken Sliders

Fire Crackerz {Football Friday} | Plain Chicken A favorite at my house...:

Fire Crackerz: These look awesome and Dangerous at the Same time

Delicious Dill Pickle Dip - If you love dill pickles, you'll love this easy dip!:

I can not wait to dive into all of these! Check out my Pinterest Board Fall and Football Favorites, for even more delicious pins