Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trader Joe's, Putt Putt and Girl Scouts

Oh man what a whirlwind of a couple of days from the last time I posted. Which by the way, I have sat down to write at least a dozen times in the past few days, but of course I got distracted or just plain old busy.

But thankfully this weekend I have had the pleasure of being off, all weekend and it has been everything I had hoped it to be. I haven't had to do laundry, even though yes, I have at least two piles waiting or even really cleaned my apartment either. I leave those tasks for after work or a day of the week day off, because weekends off come very rare and I do not want to miss out on them.

Wednesday I did happen to go to Trader Joe's because I was downtown in the area and well, I mean how could I not. They have all there glorious Pumpkin items out. I could have picked up everything and anything but I stayed with just a few things..

 These are Pumpkin Items I haven't had from there yet either. The seeds are really good, they are pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds lol. The coffee literally tastes like pumpkin pie and I brought a box to work, well actually two boxes because they don't fit in my new Keurig. I love Biscotti and I have a pumpkin Tea that this will go awesome with. The chicken salad was so good too. I brought that to lunch at work that day. I didn't use the dressing, I just dipped my fork in it and then ate the salad, saved  ton of points and calories. I have been on a HUGE salad love lately. I am actually going to make one now too lol.

The cookie butter was not there when I went, and I am thankfully for that because I would have bought it and probably ate the whole jar. I am shocked I have a jar of cookie butter in my closet still. It is a weakness for me and I am really working on self control, like a lot. Now if I could just use that same self control with Snack/Chex/Trail Mix, well...

 I spent the night one night coloring. James thought it was hysterical I was coloring but cute at the same time, he always says I am a kid. I love coloring now. It was so relaxing. And I think it is a great nightly routine. I think I even slept better that night too.

 Honeycrisp apples are back too!!! I love Honeyscrips and forgot how amazing they taste. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away and they are an awesome pre and post run snack.

 After work on Thursday it was sooo HOT. Fall has officially began on the calendar, but far from it in Florida. So a Pumpkin Pie Coolatta was in order. OH EM GEE was this delicious. It had graham cracker pieces inside of it also. It was amazing. Worth the little treat.

 My friend Megan's Birthday was the other day and we met up for lunch on Friday. I made her this Treat Yo'Self Basket for her. Pampering and Spa like items, for those long days or just the bad ones and just a day to unwind, she works retail too lol. The towel is from TR and the other items, other than the wine was from the Dollar Tree. They have awesome items to create a really special gift. The wine is from CVS, the whole basket was under 30.00!

Best Pizza in St. Pete, Gianni's Margherita Pizza. James and I couldn't get enough of it. We ate the whole pie together, thankfully I was running a 5k the next day. The pizza was so thin.

 I won an entry into the Girl Scouts Thin Mint Sprint 5k and it was a lot of fun!!! Th area where the race was gorgeous, I love new places to run because it keeps me motivated to keep going, and do better when there is new stuff to see. And I ended up shaving some time off of my previous 5k, at least 3 minutes worth. I didn't even bring my RunWalkRun beeper with me. I had forgotten it in my purse. And I figured oh what the heck, I am just going to listen to my body and just go.

I ran the first mile without one walk break and felt great. Then at the water station I walked a bit, then a little over a mile and half, and then at the second water station and a little after the 2.50 mile mark too. That was it, just 4 walk breaks and felt great. I had some pain in my ankle and shin started a bit, but nothing horrible at all. And then you got a cookie at the end, I chose a Tagalong, really hoping for Samosas but none were there, ugh.

It was a fun race and my Boss and her family lived right on the course, it was awesome to see them cheering me along. And I hung out with them a bit after. We all decided to sign up for the Best Damn Race Half Marathon on February 6th also. I am so excited to start training for the race and I know it will help with my weight loss continuance and to have a plan in place again!

After the race I spent the day just relaxing and napping. Perfect day off. James and I even had a date night. We went and played Putt Putt.


I got a Hole In One on the 6th Hole and we had a blast. It started raining around the 13 whole, so we had to speed putt putt a bit, but we had a blast. We had BBQ for dinner after and then I literally passed out, I tried to keep my eyes open and could not at all. Meaning of a successful day!!

I also put up our Fall and Halloween Decorations. We don't have much, but it really has a cute, cozy feel to it now. I go all out for Christmas :0)

So that has been my last couple of day and I had a 1.7 pound lost, finally hit the 160's again and planning on staying there, sure the last couple of nights have not been great, but I have tracked and made better choices. Here is to a new and good week!!!