Thursday, September 17, 2015

Falling into Fashion with Oakleigh Rose

Good Thursday Morning!!

Okay so this morning, we are going to Talk about the Sparkle aspect of my life. In the beginning of the year, I really wanted to focus on my attire. How I dressed, my accessories, putting myself together. I have always been someone who just goes to the beat of their own drum, but my fashion sense, has not always been the same way.

I am a plain Jane kind of girl. One who wears things that are comfortable, but then I also love a little extra too. I know, it doesn't seem to make sense but it does. It wasn't until around College that I really started to love clothes and dressing up, etc. In College, I worked at Aeropostale for almost 3 years. I LOVED that job. Seriously, it had me falling in love with retail and that was the job I realized I was really good at selling, but I also found out I really loved clothes!

Working at Aero, you got a crazy awesome discount. I mean crazy awesome and considering that the  clothes were inexpensive to begin with, made it even better. And that was also the time of the layering craze. Come on, I know you know, wearing a tank top, with two polos underneath to pop the collar, long necklaces, so on and so forth. Yup, I had it all.

So my sense of style evolved over the years and then working in my current job, our dress code is black, white or grey and sometimes a pop of a different color. It is hard to get motivated to dress with those colors, but believe me I make it work. But this year as I went into my 30th year, I vowed to really branch out my style a bit more and dress a bit better. Get back to the fun and funky, but still plain and casual look that is all me. And not just sit around in yoga pants on my day off, dress up a bit.

So when I was asked to be a Brand Rep for Oakleigh Rose for 8 weeks, I was freaking thrilled. I LOVE their clothes...

Here is a little bit of their history, Meaghan and Annette are a mom and daughter duo, who are the absolute cutest...

"In our online boutique, we bring you trendy and comfy clothing and accessories we handpick with you in mind. We’re making online shopping personal, fun and exciting. And we’re all about pulling out every stop when it comes to customer service." 

I mean seriously who else could you ask for in a store. And I absolutely love their customer service. You would never think that you were ordering from online and the shipping is FREE. And comes super fast. I literally have been ordering items like every week. It is insane. The quality of the clothes are fantastic!!!

This is there VISION IN WHITE top. This shirt blew me away. The bell sleeves and sheer fabric were amazing and the detail on the front was not at all what I expected.

Maxi dresses with sleeves are my new favorite items!! They are comfortable and can be worn well into the Fall when you pair it with boots and a jean jacket. Living in Florida, I know I will be wearing this a lot!!

And if you like this Dress you have to check out their FALL COLLECTION and see this Dress...Feeling ( Navy) Blue Dress. Polka DOTS AND stripes!!! Hello!!!

Speaking of their Fall Collection, I got this Tunic which I am so happy I purchased...

The Fall Layers Tunic in Black. It fights amazing and beyond comfortable... and can be worn in so many different ways...also available in WHITE

What I love is it is clothes also I can wear to work and give myself a little bit more spice than the typical Black and White...

Like the Straight Lines Tunic Cardi, which I also purchased and the Pretty in Plaid Dress

Make sure you check out the website and Fall in Love with their Fall Collection and order some stuff for yourself. On your first Order use my code RCSPARKLE20 and get 20% off!!!!

I promise you, you will love the clothes, the fashion everything. And if you have any questions on sizing, reach out to the ladies, they have amazing taste and insight and would be willing to always help you!!!

I just ordered another shirt today! My fashion sense is back up thanks to Oakleigh Rose!!