Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Happy Sunday Football too! 

Can you tell we are Redskins fans haha?!! Well I'm kind of like made into a Redskins fan but I'm play along! James was super excited for today, I was happy to have friends over and just chill out. I decorated our apartment, made some snacks for them and had a grand old time.

Then I took some time for Me, grabbed some Froyo and headed downtown to my favorite spot ever...

Which is also where I ran 5 miles on Friday!!! My longest mileage since before my accident...

Pretty damn happy about that run. I felt good, pretty slow pace but I felt really awesome running in it. I did the first mile with no walk breaks and then the 4 doing Galloway with 2:1's. It was hot as heck and I was dripping sweat for like an hour after but it was the best part of my day.

Okay so I haven't chatted about weight loss lately. I'm still on this roller coaster ride for sure. Each day it is different but I'm happy to say, I stopped weighing myself every day... Which helped a lot. I have lost 3.5 pounds in 4 weeks, 2 weeks I stayed the same, like this week and you know what I am fine with that. But that scale is a pain in the ass, one way it says one and another way, another weight! So frustrating!! But whatever, i know I am on a right path. I am doing great with my points, I typically have one cheat kind of day or cheat meal and I'm happy. I am making great choices and drinking water like crazy. The weight is slowin coming off but it is coming off, that's nice. I typically have been sticking to cardio because I love cardio, duh, especially running! And I love the great swear sesh I get from it. Typically 4-5 days a week and usually a rest day on Saturday and Sunday's, and maybe a Thursday mixed in, because of my closing shift. 

I have my really great, damn I feel amazing days. And then I have days I just look at myself and feel like ugh, I pick apart everything, especially my pooch and my arms lately. Then I snap out of it and realize that it only makes me want to work harder. So I take a downfall and move it on.

So as we are in September, I know I missed September Goals, my main one is to not be hard on myself. Not pick apart every little thing and love my journey and molding and taking my body to new levels, even if it means losing one more pound!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!