Monday, May 18, 2015

Citrus Smoothie

Happy Monday!! 

I am mid flight and I am not in the mood to read my book I bought and my Netflix is wifi only so I thought I would type a post! Even though this will post well after Inhave landed :0)

Yesterday I had a great relaxing day off, which consisted of sleeping in, catching up on some online stuff, two loads of laundry, packing, LOTS of Parenthood binging, a good sweaty Run, in which I got of my Sweats for and then showered after and got right back in haha.

My run was really good... It was hotter than most days and I went out at 1:30 which is expected but sometimes I seriously love those runs. The feeling of the heat from top and bottom and being inbetween squished with the heat, is such a sense of accomplishment for me..

My pace is getting better. And my endurance of just running is getting better too and I hardly feel my ankle anymore. Big strides in progression and I couldn't be happier. I also have stopped keeping track of my mileage. 

I am being realistic and I know I would hit a 1000 miles this year, not my year. BUT this is my year to get stronger, faster and more in love with running. I'm going back to the beginning. Next year I'll tackle the mileage, right now I just want to run. So where before I would right every mileage I did on my calendar and total it up, a bit obsessive for me, just isn't happening. Because I don't want to disappoint myself with how little my mileage is for the week. I just want to be proud of the injury I am overcoming and becoming stronger this year.

Since I was dripping in sweat, I hydrated myself with a fresh, fruity, citrus smoothie. I am not one to have a smoothie or shake every day. I don't feel filled from them despite the contents but sometimes I really want one.

I forgot to take a picture of ingredients, bad blogger but you can imagine! Plus the cup picture is for you Nanci, I know you appreciate it!! Haha! Marilyn, pink, sparkles and chevron!! Hello it is me all the way.

Okay, back to the smoothie, so easy and really delicious. 

In my blender I threw in 5 ice cubes, some cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew! They were big chunks, so probably 7 all together, 3 watermelon, 3 canteloupe and 1 honeydew. Added 1 cup of Trop50 no pulp orange juice and a 1/2 scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein and then blended!!!

It was cold, refreshing and hydrated me right back. I loved it and will be making again especially after those hot runs!!

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!!!