Friday, May 29, 2015

Current Feels

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Isn't it crazy how the 4 day work weeks seem even more crazier or longer than a regular work week.

I have been seriously off my game all week too. I think the travel day on Sunday and then just trying to get back in the groove, just has made this end part of the week a little tougher.

Plus I have to rethink my working out schedule and running schedule. On days I close, I am going to use as a rest day because, one I love to sleep in a little bit more and just relax before going into work and thats the issue I have had these past two days. I have full intention of getting up and going and running or working out, but my body and then mind have had another idea. Just relaxing. And I have gave in.

I feel a bit guilty about it, I have only worked out 2 days this week and then tomorrow I WILL get a run in. My legs have been sore and my whole body, but I really wanted to do more. It really is frustrating when I have weeks like this. But I know it is only for the week and then I will be back to it starting on Sunday and I will, sometimes I just need an extra day.

My eating has been pretty good this week too. I have been super mindful and making great choices. And drinking a crap ton of water too. The scale and I are battling and I didn't weigh in last week because I didn't have a scale to weigh in with at the hotel or at my Poppy's. And honestly it was nice not having to weigh in every day.

But as much as I want to not weigh in tomorrow, I know I should. I honestly just wrote a whole paragraph of how I wasn't going to weigh in and give it one more week, but really, what is that point in that. I know what I am working towards and I will get there, just own that damn number and work even harder.

I think I just needed a week of clear head and catching up.

Hope everyone is having a great week, oh and I am a horrible sharer. I never took pictures of some of the awesome things I got at Trader Joe's and ate most of them, so I will be doing another post of those soon because I found some really tasty treats.