Friday, May 22, 2015

Wine, Cheat Meal, Guilt Free & Face to Face: Day 4

It is a Friday and I can get excited because I am actually off for the whole weekend AND Monday!!!!

Today is my last day in the store, not sure what my schedule is going to be today, I can really work and leave whenever I want per say. As long as I feel like I have gotten through everything. Yesterday was a hard day because I felt like I got through nothing, but we did. It was weird.

I started my morning off right with breakfast...

This breakfast here at the Hilton Homewood Suites is fantastic. Each morning there has been some potato option, egg thing of some sort and a meat item. I have been truly spoiled and I love breakfast, so this has been heaven. 

My outfit for the day. Wearing a sweater in May??? It has been chilly here, but a nice change of pace for sure and it has been refreshing. But not as amazing as my Large Iced Coffee every day.

For lunch I had planned to go to Starbucks and use a coupon I had for a Grande Iced Tea and a lunch item, but for some reason the code wouldn't work, so I went to GNC instead and got a Quest Bar and paired it with my yogurt.

Getting out of work, I really wanted some wine and trail mix or pretzels. I know I was craving some sort of comfort food, it was weird, I think because I was tired at work and it was a weird day. I couldn't find wine at the CVS because you can only get wine at a Liquor store and I couldn't find one of them either, so I went back to the hotel and enjoyed the free dinner, that had wine there too...

It was Italian night obvi!!! And I did have seconds of the ziti and some garlic bread. I mean, it was delicious and I really wanted some, so I used this meal as my cheat meal for the whole week. I am very proud of myself this week. So I decided to use it as my rest and cheat day and just unwind, relax and enjoy the fact I had no laundry to do, no cleaning, no drama, nothing, just me, some free food, wine and a night of Netflix.

I was a rebel and snuck the wine to go in a coffee cup! I poured that bad boy to the rim and brought it back to my room where I got a bath with bubbles, pulled the chair into the room and just loved life for a bit.

This literally is how I spent my night. Just me and Parenthood. I popped some popcorn a bit later and then used the last of my Artic Zero ice cream, topped it with a Cookie Dough Quest Bar as my dessert and then called it an early night..

This combo was amazing by the way. I need to find more Artic Zero, it was all cheat without the Cheat or Guilt.

And because it is Face To Face Friday, I just wanted to show how much 5 years, determination, inspiration, motivation and never giving up changes you. I cant even believe it, I am so happy that I made the change when I did. I have never looked or felt better!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!